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Yankees’ Catcher Surplus Sparks Interest: Big Names and Coaching Searches Ahead

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Yankees Have Surplus of Catchers, Generating Interest from Other Teams

The New York Yankees are finding themselves in a unique position this holiday season, as they have an abundance of catchers on their 40-man roster. With a total of six backstops, including Jose Trevino, Austin Wells, Kyle Higashioka, Carlos Narvaez, Ben Rortvedt, and Agustin Ramirez, the team has caught the attention of other clubs.

According to Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, the team is receiving numerous inquiries about their catching depth. Cashman highlighted that the catching position is not particularly strong or deep in the game, making the Yankees’ surplus a valuable asset.

Among the catchers mentioned, Trevino, Wells, Higashioka, and Rortvedt have major league experience. However, the future of Higashioka remains uncertain, as the Yankees have until Friday at 8 p.m. to decide whether to tender him a contract. It is unlikely that the team will retain all six catchers on their 40-man roster for the upcoming season.

Pursuing Big-Name Players

In addition to their catching surplus, the Yankees are also exploring the possibility of acquiring top-tier talent this offseason. Cashman revealed that the team is actively pursuing big names such as outfielder Cody Bellinger and Japanese ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto. There is even speculation about a potential trade involving Juan Soto of the San Diego Padres.

While Cashman did not provide a direct answer regarding Bellinger’s fit with the team, he acknowledged that there are several free agents and trade options that could be a good fit for the Yankees. He also assured that recent comments about Giancarlo Stanton would not impact their pursuit of Yamamoto, as the team has resolved any issues with Stanton’s representative, Joel Wolfe.

Coaching Vacancies

Aside from player acquisitions, the Yankees are also in the process of filling coaching vacancies. After Carlos Mendoza left to become the manager of the New York Mets, the team is actively searching for a new bench coach. Cashman mentioned that they recently conducted an interview but did not provide further details.

The decision on the bench coach will ultimately be made by Yankees manager Aaron Boone, who is looking for someone to support him in running spring training and managing in-game strategies. Cashman emphasized the importance of finding an individual who can handle the multitude of responsibilities that come with the role.

Similarly, the new hitting coach, James Rowson, will have the authority to decide on his assistants. While it remains unclear if Casey Dykes and Brad Wilkerson will return to their positions, Rowson is currently in discussions with them and other potential candidates.

As the Yankees navigate the offseason, they find themselves with a surplus of catchers and a desire to acquire top talent. With their catching depth attracting interest from other teams and their pursuit of big-name players, the Yankees are poised to make significant moves in the coming months.

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