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Will the Mets Trade Pete Alonso? Potential Deal with Brewers and Impact on Future

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David Stearns Addresses Pete Alonso Trade Rumors

Don’t believe everything you hear. While David Stearns introduced himself to New York Mets fans as the President of Baseball Operations, he brushed aside the Pete Alonso trade rumors with some “GM speak.” It has been widely reported how interested other teams were in acquiring Alonso at this summer’s trade deadline. However, these rumors are unlikely to disappear quickly.

The Possibility of Trading Pete Alonso

What are the odds the Mets actually trade Alonso? My heart tells me none. My head tells me Wayne Gretzky. In the right deal, anyone can be traded.

Milwaukee Brewers’ Interest in Alonso

One of the teams reportedly interested in Alonso was Stearns’ former employer, the Milwaukee Brewers. If those talks resume, the Mets need to demand at least one of these players in return for their powerful first baseman.

Jackson Chourio: A Valuable Asset

Jackson Chourio is one of those players Brewers fans would hate to see subtracted from the system. That’s the price you pay for a proven MLB slugger. The 19-year-old had an impressive year, mostly in Double-A with a few appearances in Triple-A before the season ended. He recorded 22 home runs, 44 stolen bases, and a .283/.338/.467 slash line. Additionally, he plays the premium position of center field.

The Challenge of Acquiring Chourio

Chourio is considered the number two prospect in all of baseball, making him out of reach for the Mets if they are only offering Alonso. Since Alonso will be a free agent after the 2024 season and Chourio already has a major league ETA for next year, this trade would require multiple pieces. The Brewers would need at least one more win-now type of player or major prospect in the deal, while the Mets would prefer to acquire more controllable pieces.

The Unlikelihood of Chourio Leaving Milwaukee

Pulling Chourio away from Milwaukee won’t be easy, especially considering their typically lower-than-average payroll. The Brewers recognize the value of future superstars like him, as they are necessary to compete with teams like the Mets who have the financial resources to acquire top talent.

Exploring Other Prospects

While Chourio may not be a feasible option, there are other prospects that could be considered in a potential trade.

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