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Will the Cowboys Dominate the Giants Again? Staff Writers Predict Sunday’s Game

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Cowboys Look to Extend Dominance Over Giants in Rematch

After suffering a disappointing loss to the Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys are determined to bounce back as they prepare to host the New York Giants. The Cowboys have already proven their superiority over the Giants with a resounding 40-0 victory in Week 1. However, as the rematch approaches, the question remains: will history repeat itself? Here’s what the experts have to say about Sunday’s highly anticipated game.

Patrik Walker: Cowboys Must Avoid Falling into a Trap

Patrik Walker emphasizes the importance of the Cowboys learning from their previous mistakes, particularly their recent defeat against the Eagles. With their playoff hopes hanging in the balance, the Cowboys need to embark on a three- or four-game winning streak to keep pace with the Eagles. Despite the Giants’ demoralized state, Walker warns that they will still bring their A-game against the Cowboys. However, he firmly believes that Dallas will replicate their dominant performance from Week 1, regardless of who takes the quarterback position. Walker predicts a convincing victory for the Cowboys, with a final score of 46-7.

Nick Eatman: Giants Face an Uphill Battle

Nick Eatman acknowledges that point spreads can be deceiving in the NFL. While a 16-point line may seem astronomical, Eatman doubts that the Giants will be able to keep up with the Cowboys, at least in the first half. He acknowledges the unpredictability of division games and the potential for a vastly different outcome in a rematch. However, Eatman points out that the Giants have likely deteriorated since their Week 1 encounter, while the Cowboys have improved, particularly on offense. While he doesn’t expect a 40-point blowout, Eatman predicts another convincing victory for the Cowboys, with a final score of 41-16.

Kyle Youmans: Cowboys’ Victory Seems Inevitable

Kyle Youmans expresses an unprecedented level of confidence in the Cowboys’ ability to secure a win. He attributes this confidence not only to their previous 40-0 triumph over the Giants but also to the current state of the Giants’ team. Youmans suggests that the Giants lack both pride and talent on both sides of the ball, making them easy prey for the Cowboys. While acknowledging that the Giants are still an NFL team, Youmans predicts another blowout loss for them at AT&T Stadium. He confidently declares a resounding victory for the Cowboys, with a final score of 42-3.

Nick Harris: Cowboys Expected to Dominate

Nick Harris highlights the overwhelming favoritism of the Cowboys over the Giants in Sunday’s game. He anticipates that the Cowboys’ defense will set the tone early with a defensive touchdown, while the offense will maintain momentum throughout the day. Although the Giants may manage to score a couple of garbage time touchdowns, Harris believes it will be insufficient to salvage a victory. He predicts a comfortable win for the Cowboys, with a final score of 41-13.

As the Cowboys gear up for their rematch against the Giants, the experts’ predictions all point to a dominant performance by Dallas. While the Giants may put up a fight, it seems unlikely that they will be able to overcome the Cowboys’ superior talent and determination. Football fans can look forward to an exciting game as the Cowboys aim to extend their dominance over the Giants.

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