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Will Ron Rivera Be Removed as Head Coach of the Washington Commanders? The Urgency and Uncertainty Surrounding His Fate

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Washington Football Team: Time for Change

In the midst of another disappointing season, the Washington Football Team finds itself at a crossroads. The team’s head coach, Ron Rivera, has been touting the growth and progress of the program, but the results on the field tell a different story. It’s hard to ignore the glaring issues that have plagued the team, especially in their fourth year under Rivera’s leadership.

Rivera, aware of the mounting criticism, acknowledges that any explanation he offers will be dismissed as an excuse. Instead, he chooses to take responsibility and focus on preparing for the next game. But one has to wonder, is he preparing to pack up his office or to board a flight to Dallas?

The Giants’ victory over the Washington Football Team showcased the glaring weaknesses in Rivera’s team. The opposing quarterback, Tommy DeVito, a rookie and the Giants’ third-string quarterback, had a field day against Washington’s alleged secondary. DeVito threw for 246 yards, three touchdowns, and zero interceptions, despite enduring nine sacks. This kind of performance is not an isolated incident; it has become a recurring theme for Rivera’s teams.

It’s clear that action needs to be taken. Whether it’s this week or at the end of the season, team owner Jason Wright must make a change. The current state of the team is unacceptable, and Rivera’s tenure has failed to produce the desired results. It’s time for a fresh start.

Rivera, reflecting on his own future, seems resigned to the inevitable. He has faced numerous challenges during his time with the team, from battling cancer to dealing with the fallout from the NFL’s investigation into team owner Dan Snyder. It’s been a tumultuous journey, and Rivera is understandably weary.

While it’s true that Rivera has faced adversity, it’s also important to evaluate his performance as a coach. Defensive tackle Jonathan Allen, who had a solid game against the Giants, suggests that the team needs to learn how to win in different ways. This implies that Rivera has failed to instill a winning mentality in his players, despite his role in selecting and coaching them.

Rivera remains steadfast in his commitment to the team and his vision for its future. He believes that the culture within the organization has improved under his leadership and that there is potential in rookie quarterback Howell. However, it’s worth noting that Rivera’s quarterback choices, from Dwayne Haskins to Ryan Fitzpatrick to Carson Wentz, have been questionable at best. It took him too long to address the team’s quarterback carousel, and by the time he settled on Howell, the damage had already been done.

The decision to dismiss Rivera is not an easy one, especially considering the timing. The team faces upcoming challenges, and there is no clear successor waiting in the wings. Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio’s performance has been lackluster, and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is still relatively new to play-calling. The next six games will serve as an evaluation period for Bieniemy and Howell’s potential partnership.

Ultimately, the timing of Rivera’s departure is less important than making the right choice for the team’s future. The Washington Football Team has endured years of disappointment under Snyder’s ownership, and it’s time for a change that brings hope and excitement to the fan base. Team owner Jason Wright must make an inspired and exciting choice for the next head coach, even if it means parting ways with Rivera before the season’s end.

As Thanksgiving approaches, the focus has shifted from the present to the future. The anticipation of who will be the next coach outweighs the current state of affairs. It’s a testament to the need for change and the desire for a fresh start. The Washington Football Team deserves better, and it’s up to Wright to deliver it.

Washington Commanders Face Uncertain Future with Ron Rivera

Can Rivera be Removed from his Job?

As the Washington Commanders struggle through a disappointing season, the question of whether head coach Ron Rivera should be removed from his position looms large. With a short week before their Thursday matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, some argue that it may be best to make a change immediately. Others suggest waiting until after the holiday to give the interim coach more time to prepare for the next opponent.

Does it Really Matter?

Regardless of the timing, the reality is that the Commanders’ season has become a foregone conclusion. The team’s performance has been lackluster, and there is little hope for a turnaround. It is disheartening that, even before Thanksgiving, the focus has shifted from the current coach to speculation about who will take over next.

A Disastrous Loss

The Commanders’ recent loss to the New York Giants was a clear example of their struggles. In a 31-19 defeat, Washington turned the ball over six times, including a game-sealing interception returned for a touchdown by Giants linebacker Isaiah Simmons. The loss highlighted the Commanders’ inability to compete against even struggling teams like the Giants, who have only won two games this season.

A New Era, Same Problems

Under the new ownership of Josh Harris, there was hope for a fresh start and improved performance. However, the Commanders’ struggles continue, raising questions about Rivera’s ability to lead the team. Despite his claims of growth, the results on the field tell a different story.

Learning How to Win

Defensive tackle Jonathan Allen emphasized the need for the team to learn how to win in different ways. He acknowledged that successful teams understand how to adapt their strategies to various game situations. This statement indirectly raises concerns about Rivera’s coaching ability, as he should have instilled this winning mentality in the team by now.

The Right Choice Going Forward

Whether Rivera is dismissed this week or at the end of the season, the most important factor is making the right choice for the team’s future. The lack of a clear successor and the underperformance of defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio add to the complexity of the decision. Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, in his first year calling plays, presents a potential option for evaluation in the remaining games.

Looking Ahead

Regardless of the timing, the Commanders’ fan base hopes that owner Josh Harris will make an inspired and exciting choice for the next coach. The team’s loyal supporters have endured years of disappointment under previous ownership, and they deserve a fresh start. While it is unfortunate that the focus has shifted to the future before Thanksgiving, the optimism surrounding Harris’s leadership can be enhanced by a well-thought-out coaching decision.

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