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Wild Encounter: Bobcat Hunted Ducks on Florida Golf Course – Stunning Footage!

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Bobcat Spotted at Florida Golf Course Leaves Golfers in Awe

Unforgettable Encounter with Nature’s Majesty

A recent sighting of a magnificent bobcat at a Florida golf course has left golfers and nature enthusiasts in awe. The stunning image, captured by Bo Jackson and shared by WINK News meteorologist Matt Devitt, serves as a reminder that golfing in Florida is always full of surprises.

The bobcat, described as a “good size,” was spotted prowling the range at The Sanctuary Golf Club, creating a wild scene reminiscent of a thrilling video captured last January at Silver Leaf Country Club in Arizona.

A Stealthy Hunter on the Greens

The accompanying footage, captured by the talented team at the River Pig Saloon, showcases the bobcat’s hunting prowess as it skillfully stalks ducks around one of the greens. Using steep bunkers as cover, the bobcat launches a calculated ambush attack, leaving viewers in awe of its agility and precision.

“Oh, he got one!” exclaimed a member of the group, as the bobcat gracefully leaped from the bunker, scattering the flock of ducks. The excitement among the golfers was palpable, as they witnessed nature’s raw power in action.

If you wish to witness the thrilling conclusion of this encounter, a second video segment is available on the Instagram post, where the bobcat secures its feathery prize and swiftly disappears into the wilderness.

–Image showing a bobcat patrolling a Florida golf course is courtesy of Bo Jackson, via Matt Devitt of WINK News

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