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Who Will be the Next Manager for the Cleveland Guardians: Counsell, Vogt, or Mendoza

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Search for Cleveland Guardians’ Next Manager Nearing Conclusion

According to Paul Hoynes of Cleveland.com, the search for the Cleveland Guardians’ next manager is reaching its final stages. Hoynes, a reliable source in the baseball community, has provided insights into the potential candidates for the managerial position.

If the Guardians fail to secure Craig Counsell, the competition will come down to Carlos Mendoza or Stephen Vogt. While Counsell is undoubtedly the most sought-after candidate, other teams are also vying for his services, making the race for his signature highly competitive.

One team that has shown interest in Counsell is the New York Mets, who recently appointed David Stearns as their President of Baseball Operations. Counsell and Stearns have a history together, having worked alongside each other in Milwaukee since 2023. This connection could play a significant role in Counsell’s decision-making process.

Another team eyeing Counsell is the Houston Astros, who are in search of a replacement for the recently retired Dusty Baker. Considering the competitiveness and financial willingness of the teams pursuing Counsell, the Guardians may face tough competition and potentially end up as an also-ran in this managerial sweepstakes.

Should things go as expected, Counsell may land elsewhere, leaving Vogt and Mendoza as the remaining options for the Guardians.

Vogt, who retired after the 2022 season, possesses a highly coveted skill set for potential managerial candidates. As a former catcher, he has honed his attention to detail during games, making him an ideal candidate for a major league manager position.

Mendoza, on the other hand, has been an integral part of the New York Yankees organization for the past 15 years. Serving as a bench coach under Aaron Boone for the last four years, Mendoza brings valuable experience and a connection to Guardians’ second baseman Andres Gimenez. Gimenez had the opportunity to play under Mendoza in Venezuela while preparing for the World Baseball Classic, establishing a minor but noteworthy connection between the two.

The Guardians initially aimed to finalize their managerial hire around the timeframe of the World Series. However, as time passes since the conclusion of the Fall Classic, the team is moving further away from their expected date of appointment. The delay suggests that the decision-making process is intricate and requires careful consideration.

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