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When Will Tiger Woods Make His Professional Golf Comeback? Potential Return Dates Revealed!

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Tiger Woods Set for Potential Return to Professional Golf

Tiger Woods could be on the verge of making a comeback to professional golf after a prolonged absence in 2023. Fans and experts are eagerly anticipating his return, but the question remains: when will it happen?

Since his early withdrawal from the Masters earlier this year, Woods has been occasionally seen on the golf course, albeit not in a competitive, professional capacity. In September, he even served as a caddy for his son during a tournament.

However, according to golfing legend Stewart Cink, Woods may be ready to reignite his career at the age of 47. “You don’t always get a whole lot out of Tiger Woods,” Cink revealed in an interview with Golf Channel. “But he said that he started practicing, which I think is a great sign. I don’t know what he’s practicing for, but he said he started practicing.”

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“So that means he’s in go-mode for something. And I think we’re all rooting for him to feel as good as he can feel. If he’s hitting golf balls, I believe he’s heading in the right direction,” Cink added.

When Could Woods Make His Return?

Woods, in collaboration with fellow golfer Rory McIlroy, recently launched a virtual golf league and is among the active roster of players. The league is scheduled to debut in January and could provide Woods with a less physically demanding and public opportunity to regain his form and reconnect with the professional game.

Alternatively, Woods might also make an appearance in a “real” tournament at the Hero World Challenge, set to take place in the Bahamas starting on November 30. The tournament boasts several big names, including Jon Rahm, but one spot remains unfilled, leading fans to speculate that Woods could fill it.

Furthermore, Woods is expected to participate in the PNC Championship alongside his son, Charlie, on December 14. Although not a highly competitive tournament, it presents the perfect opportunity for father and son to bond and for Woods to ease back into the rhythm of professional golf.

As the golfing world eagerly awaits Tiger Woods’ return, only time will tell when and where he will make his comeback. One thing is for certain, though: the golfing community is ready to welcome him back with open arms.

Updated: 03/11/2023 – 15:26 CDT

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