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Unmasking the Most Extreme Run and Pass Funnel Defenses in the NFL: Week 11 Matchup Insights

by americanosportscom

Matchups to Watch in Week 11: Pass Funnel Defenses

The San Francisco 49ers have become a pass funnel defense this season, with teams abandoning the run against them. Only the Eagles have a more extreme pass funnel than the Niners. Despite this, the 49ers have not been able to shut down opposing passing attacks, allowing the 12th highest completion rate over expected. In Week 11, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have accepted their fate as a pass-first team, will face the Niners. This could result in a high target volume for both Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. The Bucs have been passing at a high rate in recent games, making Baker Mayfield and Cade Otton interesting options for fantasy purposes. It’s worth noting that 71.5 percent of touchdowns scored against the 49ers this season have come through the air.

The Detroit Lions have also turned into a predictable pass funnel defense in recent months. They have given up the seventh highest EPA per drop back since Week 5 and have allowed the highest yards per pass attempt over the past four weeks. In Week 11, the Lions will face Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears. Fields could see a pass-happy game script in his return to the lineup, which could benefit D.J. Moore, who is a regression candidate against the pass-funnel Lions.

Matchups to Watch in Week 11: Run Funnel Defenses

The Cleveland Browns have become a run funnel defense, with teams leaning towards the run to avoid Myles Garrett and the Browns’ solid secondary. The Browns have the highest stuff rate and the highest rate of missed tackles per rush in the league. However, they have allowed the sixth highest yards after contact per rush attempt. In Week 11, the Pittsburgh Steelers, known for their run-heavy offense, will face the Browns. This sets up perfectly for a mass of rush attempts against the run-funnel Browns, with Najee

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