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University of Virginia RB Perris Jones Regains Movement After Injury in Louisville Game

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University of‌ Virginia Running Back Perris ⁣Jones Regains Movement After Injury

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University of Virginia running back Perris Jones has regained movement ‍in all of his extremities​ after suffering an ​injury during Thursday’s‍ game‍ against​ Louisville, according to an announcement by the school. Jones was​ stretchered off the field and immediately taken by ambulance to U of L Medical Center, where he will remain overnight.

The injury occurred ⁢in the third quarter when Jones collided with Louisville defensive back Cam’Ron ⁣Kelly after receiving a swing pass,⁢ resulting in a fumble. Trainers attended to Jones on the field as he lay motionless. He was then placed on a backboard and carefully ⁤stretchered ⁢off ⁣the ​field, with players from‍ both teams kneeling and gathering‍ around him in support.

During the ESPN broadcast, ‌it was reported‌ that Jones was not moving when‌ he was loaded into the ‍ambulance, but his ⁤eyes were open. After the ⁣game, Virginia coach Tony Elliott provided ⁣an‍ update, stating that⁢ he had received “encouraging” news from the hospital regarding Jones’ condition.

UVA RB Perris Jones has⁤ regained movement in ​all of ​his extremities after‌ being injured during‌ Thursday’s Louisville‌ game.

In the 3rd quarter, Jones was injured⁣ while catching a pass. Jones was taken by ambulance‌ to​ the U of‍ L Medical Center. He will remain there⁤ Thursday night.

— Virginia Football (@UVAFootball) ​November 10, 2023

Jones, a sixth-year senior​ who initially joined UVA’s program as a walk-on, has been a key player for the team. As a game ​captain, he scored the Cavaliers’ first touchdown ⁣of the 2023 season against Tennessee. Prior to the Louisville game, Jones‍ had accumulated 73 carries ‌for 386 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

Despite Jones’ injury, Louisville managed to outscore Virginia 17-3 in⁢ the ⁤fourth‍ quarter, securing a ⁢31-24 victory and improving their season ⁣record to 9-1.

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