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Trade Rumors: Twins Eyeing Mariners’ Young Starting Pitchers

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Twins Eyeing Potential Trade for Mariners’ Young Pitching

The Minnesota Twins are reportedly considering a big move this winter, and the Seattle Mariners’ young pitching staff could be a target. With a surplus of talented arms, the Mariners may be open to discussing a trade that could benefit both teams.

Twins’ Need for Pitching

The Twins have been in search of a front-of-the-rotation starting pitcher for some time now. With several younger arms emerging to complement their veteran options, they are in a position where they may feel comfortable making a significant move. The Mariners, on the other hand, have become surprising candidates for a trade, making them potential trade partners for the Twins.

Potential Trade Options

Among the Mariners’ young pitchers, three names stand out as potential targets for the Twins: Logan Gilbert, George Kirby, and Bryce Miller.

Logan Gilbert: At just 26 years old, Gilbert has established himself as a front-end starting pitcher with impressive performances over the past two seasons. With nearly 400 innings pitched and a solid ERA, he could bring tremendous value to the Twins. Controlled through 2028, Gilbert would be a valuable addition to the Twins’ rotation.

George Kirby: Kirby, a first-round pick, has shown great potential with a 3.35 ERA in 2023. He attacks the strike zone with a diverse pitch mix and has the ability to dominate opposing lineups. With team control through 2029, Kirby could be a legitimate #2 starter behind Pablo Lopez for the Twins.

Bryce Miller: While not as established as Gilbert and Kirby, Miller has shown promise with his fastball-heavy approach and impressive velocity. With six years of team control, Miller could be a cost-effective option for the Twins to consider.

Other younger pitchers in the Mariners’ rotation, such as Bryan Woo and Emerson Hancock, could also be potential targets for the Twins, depending on their evaluation of their potential for improvement.

The Cost of a Trade

The Mariners are in need of exciting options, particularly at second base, which makes the Twins a perfect trade match. The Twins have a long-term solution in Edouard Julien, raising questions about the future of players like Jorge Polanco and top prospect Brooks Lee.

If the Twins were to include Polanco in a trade, the Mariners would gain an immediate impact player at second base. However, to acquire a pitcher of Gilbert or Kirby’s caliber, the Twins would likely have to add significant prospect capital, potentially including names like Emmanuel Rodriguez and other quality prospects. Brooks Lee could also be a significant part of the return if the Mariners show interest in him.

Is It Worth the Trade?

A trade with the Mariners for a controllable starting pitcher would undoubtedly come at a high cost for the Twins. However, with the possible departure of Sonny Gray, the Twins are in need of a front-of-the-rotation starter. Acquiring a pitcher like Gilbert or Kirby could be a game-changer for the Twins and greatly improve their chances in a playoff series.

While the trade would involve parting with well-known names and significant prospect capital, the potential benefits of adding a top-tier starting pitcher may outweigh the cost for the Twins.

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