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Tiger Woods Drops Bombshell on Scottie Scheffler: When Hitting It Well, No Divots!

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Tiger Woods Drops Bomb on Scottie Scheffler During Driving Range Session

A viral video from TaylorMade Golf has recently surfaced, showcasing a fascinating driving range session between golf legends Tiger Woods and Scottie Scheffler. In the video, Tiger reveals a surprising revelation to Scottie – when he’s hitting the ball exceptionally well, he doesn’t take divots.

Scottie’s Priceless Reaction

Scottie Scheffler, the new No. 1-ranked player in the sport, was left utterly baffled by the sheer purity of Tiger Woods’ contact with the golf ball. As someone who has been involved in golf for a significant period, I had never considered “not taking a divot” as something to aspire to, unless you’re one of those individuals who prefer to pick their wedges clean.

For me, not taking a divot has always been associated with thin shots that sail over the green. However, Tiger Woods operates on an entirely different level from us mere mortals. His incredible achievements as a golfer and his hyper-analytical approach to the game exemplify this.

Tiger’s Mindset

Tiger Woods further elaborated on his unique approach, stating, “Earlier in my career, I was very zeroed. I was wide and wide. Wide on the backswing, wide on the through swing. It was actually hard for me to take a divot when I was hitting it really well, just because I was zeroed.”

Although the term “zeroed” remains a mystery to me, it is worth noting that Tiger Woods has a knack for introducing intriguing concepts into the golf world, such as “activating the glutes.” While his statements may sometimes be enigmatic, there is no denying his expertise and knowledge of the game.

Tiger also explained that during his prime, his natural shot was a draw, which contributed to his ability to avoid taking divots. While Tiger’s explanation may seem perplexing to some, I find myself struggling with pull-hook fairway woods on a regular basis.

Interestingly, no one dared to ask Tiger a follow-up question, perhaps fearing that the conversation would delve into even more technical jargon. In such a scenario, Tiger would undoubtedly demonstrate that he has forgotten more about golf than any of us will ever know.

What’s Next for Tiger?

As for when we can expect to see Tiger Woods back on the course and competing, it remains uncertain. However, many hope that his return will be imminent. Tiger’s impact on the game of golf extends far beyond his exceptional skills – he is, in many ways, the embodiment of the sport. With quotes like these, Tiger continues to generate buzz and captivate the golfing world like no one else.

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