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The Top 5 New York Mets Players Most Likely to Be Traded This Offseason

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New York Mets Face Offseason Decisions

Trade Speculation Surrounds Five Mets Players

The New York Mets are entering the offseason with a different direction in mind. While a complete rebuild or immediate retooling may not be on the table right now, the team is still expected to make some significant moves.

Pete Alonso and Jose Quintana Likely to Stay

Amidst trade discussions, it seems that first baseman Pete Alonso and pitcher Jose Quintana will not be pursued as trade chips. If the Mets are not planning to overhaul their roster, it would be wise to retain these valuable players.

Five Mets Players on the Trade Block

However, several other players may not be as safe. Here are the five Mets players who are most likely to be traded this offseason, for better or worse.

Mark Vientos: A Consistent Trade Speculation

One player who consistently finds himself in trade speculation is Mark Vientos. The Mets have struggled to find a suitable role for the former third base prospect, who has been downgraded to more of a designated hitter. While he has excelled in Triple-A, Vientos has struggled to make an impact in the big leagues.

Similarities with Dominic Smith

Vientos shares some similarities with Dominic Smith. Although their playing styles and strengths differ, finding playing time for Smith became challenging once Pete Alonso established himself as the superior first baseman. Vientos has yet to make a position change at the major league level, limiting his opportunities. Additionally, his defensive skills rank third among the corner infield positions.

In his first 274 big league appearances, Vientos has posted a batting average of just .205, with an on-base percentage of .253 and a slugging percentage of .367. While he showed some power towards the end of the 2023 season, it may not be enough to remove him completely from the trade block.

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