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The Surprising Departure of Cal Quantrill: A Cost-Cutting Move or Missed Opportunity

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The Shocking Move: Cal Quantrill Designated for Assignment

In a surprising turn of events, the Cleveland Guardians made the decision to designate Cal Quantrill for assignment. This move came as a shock to many, considering Quantrill’s impressive performance just two seasons ago. In 2022, he boasted a stellar 3.38 ERA in 186.1 innings, making him a valuable asset to the team’s pitching staff. However, the injury bug plagued Quantrill in 2023, limiting him to just 99.2 innings and causing his numbers to regress.

Despite his setbacks, Quantrill consistently outperformed his expected statistics, largely due to his ability to control contact quality. Despite not being a strikeout pitcher, he managed to induce weaker contact, ranking 17th in average exit velocity among starting pitchers with at least 1000 batters faced since 2022. However, his strikeout rate of 15.3% ranked him second to last among those pitchers, sandwiched between Zack Greinke and Adam Wainwright, who had notably poor seasons.

Quantrill’s expected statistics further raised concerns, as he ranked 74th in xwOBA, 57th in hard-hit rate, and 68th in expected slugging percentage. His expected slash line came in at .269/.329/.441, resulting in an OPS of .770, comparable to Fernando Tatis Jr.’s 2023 performance.

Given Quantrill’s $6.6 million salary for the upcoming season and his limited role as a rotational piece, the Guardians saw this as an opportunity to save money while still maintaining value. However, the question remains: was this the right move?

There are several potential outcomes following Quantrill’s designation for assignment. The first possibility is that he goes unclaimed and remains with the Guardians on a discounted contract. While this may seem unlikely, as teams may view his peripherals as questionable for his price tag, it is worth considering.

Another option is finding a trade partner within the seven-day window. Teams in need of innings, such as the Arizona Diamondbacks or the Pittsburgh Pirates, could benefit from Quantrill’s stabilizing presence in their rotations. In return, the Guardians could acquire a non-40 man prospect, providing some value in this cost-cutting move.

The least likely scenario is that the Guardians make bigger moves to their rotation. However, given the team’s reluctance to spend money and the front office’s focus on saving costs, this seems improbable. Instead, younger prospects like Joey Cantillo or Will Dion may have the opportunity to showcase their talents in the upcoming season.

In conclusion, the Guardians’ decision to designate Cal Quantrill for assignment came as a surprise to many. While there are potential avenues that could unfold following this move, it remains to be seen whether it was the right decision. As the team looks to save money and allocate resources effectively, the future of their rotation hangs in the balance.

Cal Quantrill Designated for Assignment as Cleveland Guardians Make Room for Pitching Prospects

Cal Quantrill, once seen as a promising innings-eating arm for the Cleveland Guardians, has been designated for assignment along with Michael Kelly. This move was made to clear room for highly touted pitching prospect Daniel Espino and high strikeout reliever Cade Smith.

Quantrill’s performance in the 2023 season did not live up to expectations, as he struggled with injuries and saw his numbers regress. Despite this, Quantrill consistently outperformed his expected stats, thanks to his ability to control contact quality. He ranked 17th in average exit velocity among starting pitchers since 2022, but his strikeout rate was one of the lowest in the league.

Quantrill’s expected slash line of .269/.329/.441 and OPS of .770 matched that of Fernando Tatis Jr. in 2023. However, with Quantrill owed $6.6 million this season, the Guardians saw this as an opportunity to make a value move.

1. Bringing Cal back on a discount

There is a slim chance that Quantrill goes unclaimed and becomes a free agent. However, it is unlikely that any team would be willing to pick up his $6.6 million salary for 2024 and his 2025 arbitration year. This avenue seems more like wishful thinking for a cheap depth piece.

2. Finding a trade partner within seven days

Several teams could be interested in taking on Quantrill’s salary. The Diamondbacks, a fringe contender in need of innings, could benefit from Quantrill stabilizing the back end of their rotation. The Pirates and the Reds, both rebuilding teams, could also use Quantrill to provide stability and prevent overtaxing their bullpen.

Cleveland could potentially receive a younger non-40 man prospect in return for Quantrill, adding some value to this cost-cutting move.

3. Bigger moves are coming to the rotation

While it is unlikely that Cleveland will spend money on a pitcher, there is a possibility of seeing prospects like Joey Cantillo and Will Dion getting some playing time this season. This may not be the ideal scenario for a contending team, but expectations need to be tempered considering the financial constraints of the front office.

Overall, the designation of Cal Quantrill for assignment opens up opportunities for the Guardians to develop their pitching prospects and make strategic moves to strengthen their roster.

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