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The Pulpit Club: A Unique Membership Model and Outdoor Adventure Haven near Toronto

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The Pulpit Club: A Unique Approach to Golf Club Ownership

An Exclusive Golfing Experience in Caledon, Ontario

The Pulpit Club, located in the picturesque countryside of Caledon, Ontario, offers golf enthusiasts a truly exceptional experience. Situated just 30 minutes north of Toronto’s Pearson Airport, this exclusive club is nestled within a development-restricted environmentally protected greenbelt, providing a serene and natural setting for golfers to enjoy.

A Rich History and Notable Events

Founded in the early 1990s by the creators of the renowned board game Trivial Pursuit, the Pulpit Club has a storied past. It gained recognition as the host of the inaugural Telus Skins Game, a televised summer event featuring notable tour professionals, which was broadcast for an impressive twenty years. Moreover, the club recently played host to the prestigious 118th Canadian Men’s Amateur Championship, further solidifying its reputation as a top-tier golfing destination.

Challenges and a New Direction

Despite its esteemed status, the Pulpit Club faced challenges during the great recession, primarily due to a decline in membership. To address this issue, Longridge Partners, a real estate investment company specializing in acquiring large-scale natural properties, acquired the club a couple of years ago. They recognized the need for a fresh approach to ensure the club’s long-term sustainability.

A Unique Membership Structure

Longridge Partners introduced a groundbreaking membership structure that combines the benefits of equity and non-equity memberships. By selling land-based participating interests, they offer members a securitized membership that shields them from

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