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The MLB Big Ten Champions: Celebrating the 2023 Winners and Their Road to Victory

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The 2023 MLB Big Ten Champions

The MLB Star Power Index, a bi-weekly ranking that determines the players and baseball entities currently dominating the sport, has announced the 2023 MLB Big Ten Champions. This prestigious title is awarded each year to the team with the best regular season across both the National League Central and the American League Central divisions, also known as Big Ten Country.

The MLB Big Ten Championship holds great significance, symbolized by the presentation of the Gus and Louie Varland Plaque of Solid Michigan Cherry Wood. This esteemed honor recognizes the team’s outstanding performance and contribution to the sport.

For those unfamiliar with the MLB Big Ten Championship, it represents a geographical coherence and morality within Major League Baseball. The Big Ten conference, historically associated with the Midwest, stretches from honorable cornhole board to invasive species of carp fished from the Great Lakes. It encompasses the heartland of America, just as the Midwest represents the essence of the Big Ten.

However, the Actual Big Ten, which includes non-Midwestern institutions like Rutgers and Maryland, has violated this geographical integrity. The addition of USC, UCLA, Washington, and Oregon threatens to further dilute the Big Ten’s essence. In this context, the MLB Big Ten Championship serves as a means to reclaim the spirit of the Midwest and restore the conference’s true identity.

The MLB’s central divisions, the NL Central and AL Central, align with the geographical sensibility of the Big Ten. These divisions span seven different states, with six of them being home to actual Big Ten teams. Notably, none of these states include New Jersey, Maryland, California, Oregon, or Washington. The only exception is Missouri, home to the Cardinals and Royals, where one can still experience the quintessential Midwestern activities such as flooding basements and engaging in public shoving matches over mustard.

While some may wonder if the AL East and NL East could form an ACC-like title or if the two western divisions could be considered MLB’s Pac-12, the answer is a resounding no. The Midwest reigns supreme, with its fire pits, Rust-Belt craft beer, and unique traditions like mowing the yard during a tornado watch or enjoying waffles from a bowl. These idiosyncrasies, along with the Varland boys, a borrowed snow blower returned posthumously, and the thawing of frozen custard in the radar range, solidify the Midwest’s dominance.

Now, let us turn our attention to the 2023 MLB Big Ten Champions, the Milwaukee Brewers. While the regular season is not yet complete, the Brewers have demonstrated their prowess and secured the top spot in the Big Ten standings. The Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, and Cincinnati Reds have graciously agreed not to surpass the Brewers, ensuring their rightful place as champions.

With the Gus and Louie Varland Plaque of Solid Michigan Cherry Wood in hand, the Milwaukee Brewers join the esteemed list of MLB Big Ten champions. Since its inception in 2012, this honor has been bestowed upon teams that have showcased exceptional performance and upheld the values of the Big Ten. Previous recipients include the St. Louis Cardinals, Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, and the Milwaukee Brewers themselves.

As the freshly crowned Brewers celebrate their victory, they are reminded of the challenges that lie ahead. Just as the Big Ten champions have faced formidable opponents in the past, the Brewers may encounter tough competition in future endeavors. However, their triumph in the MLB Big Ten Championship serves as a testament to their skill and resilience.

As the 2023 MLB Big Ten Champions, the Milwaukee Brewers now embark on their next journey. Whether they face Alabama in a bowl game or brave the elements in their puffy jackets and shorts, their victory in the Big Ten Championship will forever be etched in the annals of baseball history.

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