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The Cleveland Browns’ Denzel Ward Injured by Cheap Shot: Ravens’ Tackle Fined $21,855 by NFL

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Cleveland Browns’ Denzel Ward Returns to Practice After Injury

Cornerback cleared of concussion but sidelined with neck injury

In a game between the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens last week, cornerback Denzel Ward was forced to leave the field due to a cheap shot from Ravens’ left tackle Ronnie Stanley. While Ward was fortunate to be cleared of yet another concussion, he did not escape unscathed, as he sustained a neck injury.

Despite the setback, there is good news for Ward and the Browns. He was able to fully participate in practice this week as the team prepares to face the Pittsburgh Steelers and aims to improve their record to 7-3. This comes as a significant boost for the Browns, especially with quarterback Deshaun Watson out for the season.

However, Stanley, the Baltimore left tackle responsible for the hit, will now face the consequences. The NFL has imposed a hefty fine of $21,855 on Stanley for the cheap shot that forced Ward out of the game.

It is hoped that this penalty will serve as a deterrent for Stanley and other players, making them think twice before engaging in dangerous plays that put their opponents at risk. Lowering the helmet and initiating a forceful tackle as the play nears its end can have severe consequences, as demonstrated by Ward’s injury.

As the Browns continue their pursuit of success, it is crucial for players to prioritize fair and safe gameplay. The return of Ward to practice is a positive sign, but it also serves as a reminder of the importance of player safety in the NFL.

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