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The Cincinnati Reds’ Potential Offseason Spending and Best Fits Among Top Free Agents

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The Cincinnati Reds Prepare for Offseason Spending

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The Cincinnati Reds are gearing up for a busy offseason, with plenty of money to spend on player acquisitions. While the exact budget remains undisclosed, the team’s current payroll for the upcoming 2024 season, if they decline options on Joey Votto and Curt Casali, stands at approximately $37,000,000. This figure is significantly lower than their record high payroll, which was achieved during a time when baseball had far less financial resources.

According to the Reds themselves, they exceeded their revenue expectations in 2023, indicating a healthy financial position. However, the uncertainty surrounding the regional sports network situation, particularly Bally Sports Ohio in Cincinnati, may introduce some caution when it comes to making substantial investments. Nevertheless, the Reds are expected to have ample funds at their disposal.

Reds Listed as Top Fits for Free Agents

In a recent analysis by The Athletic, former Reds general manager and renowned personality, known for his distinctive leather pants, examined the top 40 free agents of this offseason and identified the best-suited teams for each player. Cincinnati emerged as a favorable destination for three of these 40 players.

Eduardo Rodriguez: A Prime Target for the Reds

Among the players deemed a perfect fit for the Reds is left-handed pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez. While he currently holds an option to remain with the Detroit Tigers for the next three seasons, earning $49,000,000, it is widely anticipated that Rodriguez will become a free agent and seek a more lucrative deal. In the 2023 season, Rodriguez showcased his talent with a 3.30 ERA in 152.2 innings across 26 starts, recording 143 strikeouts and 48 walks. Analysts project that he could secure a 5-year contract worth $90,000,000. Rodriguez ranks as the 11th best free agent this offseason.

Former Players Wade Miley and Harrison Bader Also on the Radar

Two other players who have caught the attention of the Reds as potential fits are former members of the team. Wade Miley, like Rodriguez, possesses an option for the 2024 season. The mutual option with the Brewers stands at $10,000,000, accompanied by a $1,000,000 buyout. Additionally, outfielder Harrison Bader is being considered. However, it remains unclear how Bader would fit into the Reds’ current outfield lineup, which features Spencer Steer in left, Will Benson in right, TJ Friedl in center, and Jake Fraley in both corners. While Bader is an exceptional defender, his offensive capabilities do not surpass those of the existing players. Considering the price tag, acquiring Bader may not provide a significant upgrade.

Exploring Potential Additions to the Reds Roster

As we examine the list of projected contracts, it becomes evident that Cincinnati has the financial means to pursue any player beyond the top three. The Reds should comfortably afford the contracts estimated by analysts, such as Bowden, without encountering any obstacles or objections from reasonable observers.

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