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The Brutal Reality: Pistons’ 11th Straight Loss Highlights their Struggles

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Cade Cunningham candid on last-place ​Pistons: ‘We’re bad’


Pistons lose 11th straight after falling to Raptors (1:28)

Pascal⁣ Siakam leads the Raptors to a 29-point victory over the Pistons, the‍ 11th straight defeat for Detroit. (1:28)

Nov 20,⁣ 2023, 09:45 AM ET

Cade Cunningham ‌offered a ⁢brutally honest⁣ assessment ​of‍ the last-place Detroit Pistons, who‍ are mired⁢ in an 11-game⁤ losing ‌streak.

“We’ve got to be realistic about the situation,” Cunningham said ‍Sunday after Detroit’s 142-113 loss⁣ to the Toronto Raptors. “It’s hard to ‍just be like,‌ ‘Oh we’re good, we’re ‍good,’ because we’re​ bad. We’ve got to address that.”

The Pistons​ enter⁣ Monday with ​the NBA’s ⁤worst record⁤ at 2-12 ⁤and are struggling​ through their third losing streak of at least 11 games since the start of last season. Detroit’s last‌ victory was against the Chicago Bulls on Oct. 28.

“I think​ a few of our guys are dealing with ‍how hard⁣ the‌ league is,” Pistons first-year coach Monty ​Williams said. “When​ you’re dealing with it, the one thing you can control is your ​competition level. I didn’t see that across⁣ the board tonight.”

Cunningham finished with 18 points Sunday ‌and was the only Detroit ⁢starter to score more‌ than 10 points. The 2021 ​No. 1 ​draft selection said it was “unacceptable” for Williams⁣ to⁢ have to question the Pistons’ level of competition.

“We’re ‌the youngest team in the league, scrapping and clawing for everything,”​ Cunningham told ⁣reporters, according to The Athletic. “That should be the ⁤last thing that needs‍ to be asked of us or talked about — how hard we’re⁤ competing. That should be a given.

“When we wake up in the morning, we‌ should be‍ like, ‘We got to get to ​the court.’ [Williams] shouldn’t have to ask. That’s something me and [Isaiah Stewart] are⁢ also trying to ‍stay vocal about. Everyone has to come with it.”

The upcoming ‌schedule will not get any easier for the Pistons.‌ Nine of their next 10 opponents⁣ currently own a winning record, starting with Monday’s‍ home ​game against the defending NBA⁢ champion Denver Nuggets.

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