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The Benching of Laine and Gaudreau Highlight Blue Jackets’ Desperation and Struggles

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Columbus Blue Jackets ⁢Struggle to Overcome Two-Goal Deficit Against Arizona Coyotes

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Columbus Blue Jackets faced a critical‌ moment in the final minutes of the third period as ​they fought to overcome a two-goal deficit ⁤against the Arizona ‍Coyotes on Thursday.⁢ However, the surprise came from the players who ​were absent during the‍ team’s final push.

Laine‍ and Gaudreau Benched ⁢as Blue Jackets Fall

Patrik Laine and Johnny Gaudreau, who have struggled offensively alongside linemate Yegor Chinakhov, were on the ice when the Coyotes scored their second ⁤goal‌ in a 28-second span of the third period, extending their lead to⁢ 3-1. Laine didn’t play for⁣ the final 9 minutes and 53 seconds of the game, while Gaudreau was​ benched for the final 6 minutes and 15 seconds. This decision left 432 career goals watching ⁣from⁣ the bench as the Blue Jackets fell to a disappointing 1-7-4⁤ in their last 12⁢ games.

Blue Jackets coach Pascal Vincent instead⁣ relied heavily on rookie Adam‍ Fantilli’s line, featuring wingers Dmitri Voronkov and Kirill Marchenko, during the⁣ crucial moments of the game.

“I coach a team,” Vincent explained. “I don’t coach ⁣individuals. Those guys were performing, so they were given the opportunity to play. That’s⁣ been our approach all year.”

When ⁢asked if‍ the opposite‌ was​ true⁢ for‍ Gaudreau and Laine, Vincent responded with a clever remark, “Asking ‌that question is answering​ that question.”

Struggling Stars and Playoff Aspirations

While the Blue Jackets were not widely considered⁣ playoff⁢ contenders in the Eastern Conference this season, General Manager Jarmo Kekalainen has maintained ⁣that it is the team’s goal. Vincent⁢ echoed ⁣this‌ sentiment after a ​disappointing 5-3 loss to ⁤Pittsburgh earlier ​in‍ the week.

However, the team’s current position at the bottom of the conference standings, reminiscent​ of ⁤their finish last season, ⁤is​ both surprising ‍and concerning. The Blue‌ Jackets’ fortunes​ are unlikely to change until⁢ Gaudreau, Laine, and other key ⁢players break out ⁢of their early-season slumps.

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