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The Aaron Rodgers Train: Will the Jets Take the Risk

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Jets Face Decision on Aaron Rodgers’ Potential Return

Franchise Contemplates Handling of Star Quarterback’s Arrival

In a season filled with unexpected⁢ twists, the potential return of Aaron Rodgers as‌ the Jets’ quarterback in December feels like a plot twist‌ straight‌ out of a Charles Dickens novel. The franchise now faces ‍a fascinating decision on how to handle his arrival.

Coach Robert Saleh made it clear on Wednesday that the Jets won’t ​stand in Rodgers’ way if ⁤he is cleared by ⁢doctors and ready to play. “Aaron’s​ a ⁢big boy, a grown man,” Saleh said. “No one’s going to‌ know Aaron’s ⁢body⁣ like Aaron knows his body. If he feels that after all the ‌doctors clear him…⁢ if Aaron says he wants to play, he’s going⁢ to play.”

However, the situation is⁣ not as simple as it seems. The Jets ⁣find themselves in a precarious⁣ position when ‍it comes to a potential⁢ Rodgers return, starting with their current ​standings. Rodgers recently reiterated that the‍ Jets⁢ “gotta be in‌ the mix” for him to​ consider a return. But defining what it means to be “in the mix” ⁣in a highly competitive AFC poses a challenge.

Currently, there are eight ⁣teams in ‍the AFC with either four or ⁢five wins. The Jets currently sit in ⁢13th place ⁣but are only one game behind the Texans, who would secure​ the‍ last wild‍ card spot ⁤if the playoffs started this week. The question remains:⁣ Are the Jets⁣ truly in contention?

Aaron Rodgers‍ wants to return this season, and the Jets seemingly⁣ plan to let him.
Charles Wenzelberg /⁢ New York‍ Post

This situation brings to mind the baseball trading ⁢deadline, where the ⁤line ​between being a buyer or a seller is often subjective. The Jets must carefully consider their position. Let’s assume Rodgers targets a return for ⁢the⁣ December 24th ​game ⁤against the‌ Commanders. With five games‍ before then, a generous‌ 3-2 record would put the Jets at 7-7 entering⁣ that Christmas⁣ Eve⁤ matchup. However, they would likely still have several teams ahead of ​them‍ in the race for the final​ playoff spot,‌ requiring them to ⁢win their last three games⁢ to secure a ‌10-7 ‍record.

Considering these circumstances, is it ⁣worth bringing back ⁣a 40-year-old quarterback ‍from ⁤a torn Achilles faster than anyone in history? ⁣While‍ Rodgers may find ⁢a ⁢doctor to clear him,⁣ the Jets need‌ to consider more ‌than​ just his​ medical‌ clearance. This decision should encompass both the ​present and the⁤ future, weighing the risk of reinjury against ⁢the ​potential benefits.

Robert Saleh likely won’t be the one in ⁣the organization⁢ to tell⁣ Rodgers ‘no.’
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

Furthermore, the Jets ‍must evaluate whether they truly see themselves as a Super ⁢Bowl team with​ Rodgers. Simply making the playoffs ⁢should ⁢not be the ‍ultimate goal; winning the Super⁣ Bowl should be. Anything short of that⁣ may not justify the​ risk involved. Can Rodgers address the issues plaguing the Jets’ offense beyond quarterback play? Can​ he fix an injured ‌offensive line and create⁤ opportunities ‌for ⁢receivers other than Garrett Wilson?

The answer to⁤ these⁣ questions may very⁢ well⁣ be yes. Rodgers is undeniably talented. However, ⁤he will also be rusty after three months of rehab‌ and, in the⁤ best-case scenario, only⁤ three weeks of practice ‍before playing.

One must wonder if the Jets will even ask ⁣these critical questions if Rodgers expresses his desire ⁤to play. ‌Saleh’s indication ⁣that they won’t, coupled with the typical mindset of coaches focused on ​the next game, ‍suggests a strong desire‍ to have Rodgers⁤ on the field. Is there⁤ another voice within the organization that ⁤will challenge this decision? The Jets have⁢ been unable to say⁤ “no” to Rodgers since their courtship ‍began⁢ in​ late February, leading to the‍ current situation where Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb are their second and third receiving options.

Rodgers’ decision⁤ to return could impact‍ the Jets’ 2024 plans.
Getty⁣ Images

Adding⁤ to the complexity is the cloud of ⁣a playoff drought hanging‌ over the franchise. Rodgers was expected to end the Jets’ ​streak without ⁣a​ playoff appearance, but now it seems that the drought could extend ⁤to 13 years. Is owner ⁢Woody Johnson desperate enough to end the drought that he ⁢would⁣ risk Rodgers’ status⁣ for the 2024 season?

Aaron Rodgers could be the beacon of hope for ‌the Jets ‌in the⁢ 2023 season, or he could⁢ be⁢ the train hurtling towards them. The franchise now faces a pivotal⁣ decision that will ⁤shape not only their‍ immediate ⁢future but also ⁢their long-term plans.

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