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Taylor Swift’s Music Banned by Philadelphia Radio Station for Super Bowl Rematch

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Local Radio Station Bans Taylor Swift’s Music Ahead of Super Bowl Rematch

Philadelphia Swifties will have to choose their radio stations carefully this weekend as local radio station Q102 has decided to ban Taylor Swift’s music. The decision comes ahead of the Super Bowl 57 rematch game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

The reason behind the ban is Taylor Swift’s relationship with boyfriend Travis Kelce, who plays tight end for the Chiefs. Q102 host Nugget explained, “Q102 loves Taylor Swift, we can’t get enough of her, but this weekend it’s really important we show our support for the Birds.”

The ban will be in effect for the entire weekend, but Swift’s music will reportedly return to the station on Tuesday after the game’s outcome is revealed.

Playful Jabs and Support

Nugget is not the only one playfully taking aim at Swift for her affiliation with Travis and the Chiefs. Patti LaBelle, in an interview on The Tamron Hall Show, expressed a similar sentiment. “Taylor and all your ‘Swifties,’ back up boo-boo,” said the “Lady Marmalade” singer. She confidently predicted that the Chiefs would go down and the Eagles would emerge victorious.

Swift’s Appreciation for Travis’ Team

Despite the ban, Swift recently showed her appreciation for Travis’ team during her Eras Tour stop in Buenos Aires. She changed a lyric in her song “Karma” to honor Travis, singing, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.” The crowd erupted in applause, and Travis himself had an adorable reaction to the shoutout.

Travis and his brother Jason, who plays for the Eagles, discussed the moment on their podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. They revealed that Travis had prior warning that Swift might do something special to recognize his presence in the audience, as he had flown to Argentina for the weekend on his bye week.

Excitement and Surprise

Travis admitted that he was shocked when he heard Swift change the lyric during her performance. “Yeah, no, I had no clue that… Well, I might have had a little bit of a clue, but definitely when I heard it come out of her mouth, [it] still shocked me,” he said. Jason added, “You could tell in the video that Travis was shocked. I was like, ‘Oh, she really just said that!'”

It remains to be seen how the Super Bowl rematch will unfold, but one thing is for sure – the ban on Taylor Swift’s music has sparked playful banter and support for both teams.

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