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Stephen Curry’s Scoring Streak Continues, Revealing Warriors’ Need for Supporting Cast

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Curry’s 38-Point Effort Not Enough as Warriors Fall to Timberwolves

Golden State Warriors Struggle to Find Scoring Support for Stephen Curry

SAN FRANCISCO – The Golden State Warriors suffered a 116-110 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night, despite a stellar performance from guard Stephen Curry. Curry dropped 38 points, marking his sixth 30-point game of the season. However, the Warriors’ lack of scoring support for Curry has become a growing concern for the team.

“No question, we need some scoring and some playmaking elsewhere,” acknowledged Warriors coach Steve Kerr. Curry has consistently outscored his teammates by at least five points in all 11 games this season, a streak not seen since Michael Jordan in 1987-88, according to ESPN’s Statistics & Information.

Curry’s scoring dominance was evident once again on Saturday, as he doubled the points of his closest teammate for the fifth time this season. This disparity highlights the team’s struggle to find supplementary scoring from players like Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, who have both had slow starts to the season.

“There’s always been a certain approach to guarding us. For years you know where attention is going to be,” Curry explained. “Usually try to blitz me in a pick-and-roll, stay body-tight on Klay … whatever the case is we have to make adjustments. We can’t just keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.”

Warriors forward Draymond Green emphasized the need for better organization and playmaking from himself and Chris Paul to utilize Curry’s scoring prowess effectively. Green stated, “When Steph’s got it going, he’s got it going. It’s on us to realize that and learn how to also use him to get other guys’ looks as well.”

While the Warriors’ bench production has shown promise, ranking sixth in bench scoring with 41.1 points per game, their overall scoring efficiency has been lacking. The team currently ranks 24th in field goal percentage (42.1%) and 25th in 3-point shooting (30.5%).

Despite flashes of potential during a five-game stretch earlier in the season, the Warriors’ struggles have persisted. Green emphasized the need for improved execution, stating, “We as players have to do better… at the end of the day we play basketball and it’s our job to figure it out and play better.”

Looking ahead, Kerr expressed openness to potential lineup and rotation changes after the loss to Minnesota. “I like everyone that I’m playing, but if we struggle, then we’ve got to get guys out there who are going to give us a spark,” Kerr said.

Curry echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need for adjustments. “When you’ve lost three straight, you have to make adjustments. I don’t know if it’s a rotation thing or whatever the case is, but everything is on the table and everyone has to be ready to step in,” Curry stated.

The Warriors will need to find a solution to their scoring woes to support Curry’s exceptional performances and get back on track in the competitive NBA season.

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