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Stefanos Tsitsipas Dominates Serve Game: Toughest Player to Break in ATP Finals

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Stefanos Tsitsipas: The Unbreakable Serve Machine

ATP Finals Analysis Reveals Tsitsipas as the Toughest Player to Break

In a recent analysis conducted by Infosys ATP Beyond The Numbers, Stefanos Tsitsipas has emerged as the most formidable player to break among the eight competitors in the upcoming Nitto ATP Finals. The Greek tennis sensation has showcased an exceptional serve performance throughout the season, making him a force to be reckoned with in Turin.

Throughout 2023, Tsitsipas has been broken only once in every 8.4 of his service games, solidifying his position as the leader in the pursuit of end-of-season glory. Following closely behind are Novak Djokovic with an average of 7.9 service games per break and Jannik Sinner with 7.6.

The statistics paint a clear picture of Tsitsipas’ dominance on the court. In an average set score of 6-3, he is typically broken just once in a straight-sets match. On the other hand, Holger Rune is edging closer to being broken twice per match, especially in tighter scorelines like 6-4, 6-4.

Notably, Tsitsipas leads the ATP Tour in the percentage of service games won in 2023, boasting an impressive 88.72% (826/931). Djokovic follows closely in second place with 88.53% (625/706), while Sinner secures the sixth position overall with 87.06% (747/858).

Djokovic’s recent triumph at the Rolex Paris Masters showcased his exceptional performance in this aspect. He was broken only six times out of 69 service games, averaging an astounding one break every 11.5 service games. Tsitsipas, reaching the semi-finals, fared even better, being broken just four times out of 48 service games, averaging one break every 12 service games.

Carlos Alcaraz: The Return Game Maestro

Shifting the focus to the return side of the equation, Carlos Alcaraz emerges as the player who breaks serve at the fastest rate per game among the competitors in Turin. Alcaraz breaks serve every 3.08 games, closely followed by Medvedev (3.13) and Sinner (3.36). Surprisingly, Tsitsipas finds himself in last place, breaking serve on average once every 5.05 games.

These return game statistics for the 2023 season further highlight Djokovic’s exceptional skills. Despite facing three grueling three-set matches to reach the final in Paris, Djokovic’s ability to break serve was slightly hindered. While he has broken every 3.38 games throughout the season, his average dropped to 4.93 games in Paris. The match against Andrey Rublev proved to be particularly challenging, as Djokovic only managed to break twice in 18 return games from a total of eight break points.

Examining the dynamics of holding and breaking serve from this unique perspective provides valuable insights for spectators of the end-of-season blockbuster matches in Turin. It will be fascinating to witness which players exceed expectations and who may struggle to maintain their season averages against the cream of the crop from the 2023 season.

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