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Resilient Dallas Cowboys Face Urgent Rematch with Downtrodden New York Giants in Week 10

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Dallas Cowboys Prepare for Rematch with New York Giants

Resilient Cowboys Aim to Avoid Two-Game Losing Streak

FRISCO, TX — The Dallas Cowboys have shown remarkable resilience under head coach Mike McCarthy, consistently avoiding a two-game losing streak. They now face the challenge of bouncing back from a close loss against the Philadelphia Eagles as they prepare for a rematch with the New York Giants in Week 10.

The Giants are currently in a state of despair, and it was the Cowboys who inflicted a historically terrible start to their season with a dominant 40-0 victory at MetLife Stadium in Week 1.

Despite the Giants’ struggles and the Cowboys being 16.5-point favorites, the team in Dallas is not underestimating their NFC East rival.

“We’re mature enough to understand the NFL,” said quarterback Dak Prescott. “We know that our opponents prepare and gameplan, and it’s always tough to beat a team twice.”

This time, the Giants will face undrafted rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito, known for his mobility and escapability during his college career at Syracuse and Illinois. DeVito’s lack of NFL film makes him an X factor for the Giants, and the Cowboys must approach the challenge with the same intensity they would have if Daniel Jones or Tyrod Taylor were under center.

“Never overlook an opponent,” emphasized Micah Parsons. “We’ve learned our lesson this year. After a tough loss, this game holds even more importance as it is a divisional matchup.”

Prescott shares the sentiment, recognizing the significance of the Cowboys’ upcoming home games. With four out of their next five games at home, the team aims to protect their impressive 11-game winning streak at home.

“We must acknowledge that the Giants have studied the tape from our first encounter and will make corrections,” Prescott explained. “That was Game No. 1 in September, and they have made changes since then. We need to continue growing and improving to succeed.”

“The only way we can achieve that is by going out there and taking care of business in the manner we expect,” Prescott concluded.

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