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Raiders’ Josh Jacobs Fined Again $21,855 for Helmet Infraction: No Flag Thrown!

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Raiders’ Josh Jacobs Fined Again for Helmet Violation

Repeat Offense Results in $21,855 Penalty

Last week, Raiders running back Josh Jacobs was hit with a $21,855 fine for lowering his helmet to initiate forcible contact with an opponent during Week 9. In response, Jacobs expressed his frustration, stating that the NFL “gotta chill with the BS.” However, it seems that his plea fell on deaf ears.

Once again, Jacobs has been fined for the same infraction, and the punishment remains unchanged at $21,855. The incident occurred in the second quarter of Sunday night’s game against the Jets, yet no flag was thrown, which is a common occurrence in such cases.

The rule regarding helmet-to-helmet contact is crystal clear. Players are prohibited from lowering their helmets and ramming them into opponents. While this may not be a popular rule, it is an essential one for player safety.

Appeal Rights and Fine Process

Jacobs does have the right to appeal the fine. However, the NFL, which has been publicly announcing all on-field fines this year for the first time, does not disclose the outcomes of appeals.

It is worth noting that many appeals have been successful. Those who criticize the fine process should keep this in mind. The NFL and the NFL Players Association have jointly established a comprehensive process that includes hearing officers hired and paid by both the league and the union.

If Jacobs disagrees with the fine, he can exercise his right to appeal. If he is in the right, he will prevail. If he is mistaken, it is not a case of the NFL picking his pocket, but rather the enforcement of the rules against him.

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