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Rafa Nadal: A deportista that will win and run away from the pistas

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la diversificación y la gestión adecuada del patrimonio, para asegurar la estabilidad financiera a largo plazo”, afirma Estrada.

En definitiva, Rafa Nadal ha sabido aprovechar su éxito en el tenis para diversificar sus inversiones y convertirse en un exitoso empresario e inversor. Su parón en las pistas le permitirá seguir impulsando sus proyectos y continuar rentabilizando sus ganancias. Con su incursión en sectores como el inmobiliario, el turismo y las energías renovables, Nadal demuestra su visión estratégica y su capacidad para generar beneficios más allá del deporte. Sin duda, su carrera deportiva ha sido brillante, pero su éxito como empresario también merece reconocimiento.Rafa Nadal Takes Time Off the Tennis Court to Focus on Business Ventures

In May, Rafa Nadal announced that he would be taking a break from the tennis courts to recover from an injury he sustained during the Australian Open earlier in 2023. This necessary pause will allow him to take a breath, regroup, and prepare for what is presumed to be the final year of his sports career. Nadal intends to bid farewell to the courts and the fans who have supported him throughout his professional life.

During his time away from the tennis world, Nadal will continue to focus on his other role as an entrepreneur and investor. He controls various companies and investment groups that span sectors ranging from real estate to leisure, tourism, renewable energy, and his well-known training academy.

Through his holding company, Aspemir, Nadal has invested in a dozen different businesses, with the most prominent being Mabel Capital. In partnership with hotelier Abel Matutes Prats and entrepreneur Manuel Campos, Nadal owns a 33.3% stake in Mabel Capital. This company operates in five countries and focuses on diversified investments in real estate, private equity, and customer-oriented industries.

The real estate division of Nadal’s business empire has led to the promotion of luxury properties in Madrid, Marbella, Portugal, and Los Angeles. In Madrid, Nadal and his partners own a historic building in Plaza de la Villa de París, which is considered the most exclusive residential development in Spain. Rumor has it that Marta Ortega, heir to the Inditex empire, has purchased an apartment in this building.

In addition to real estate, Nadal and his partners are involved in the communication sector through their participation in the audiovisual production company Komodo. This company is responsible for organizing the renowned music festival Mad Cool and producing popular series on the Netflix platform, such as “Yo be Georgina” and “The brand.” Nadal also co-owns the Tatel restaurants with Cristiano Ronaldo, with locations in nine cities worldwide and plans for further expansion into European cities with their Italian restaurant brand, Totó.

Nadal’s fruitful partnership with the Matutes family, owners of the Palladium chain and businesses like Ushuaia and Hard Rock Ibiza, has allowed him to expand the Tatel brand into cities such as Mexico, Doha, and Abu Dhabi. In an interview, Abel Matutes Prats explained that their collaboration with athletes like Nadal came about through personal connections and shared projects.

Another significant partnership for Nadal is with the Escarrer family, owners of Meliá Hotels. Together, they have launched a new venture in the tourism sector called Zel, which aims to open more than 20 vacation-oriented establishments within five years. The first hotel under the Zel brand, Zel Mallorca, is set to open this month. Gabriel Escarrer, president of the hotel chain, expressed his excitement about collaborating with Nadal on this project.

According to Javier Estrada, a professor at IESE Business School and an associate of Sport Global Consulting Investments, the best investments for athletes like Nadal, whether retired or active, are passive financial products that are transparent, liquid, diversified, and low-cost. Estrada advises against investments in costly and uncertain ventures such as restaurants, hotels, or gyms, which have led many renowned professionals to lose significant amounts of capital.

So far, Nadal has managed to safeguard his earnings and make profitable investments. His portfolio includes investments in renewable energy, lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Santander and Kia, and a personal fund primarily managed by his wife, María Francisca Perelló. Estrada emphasizes the importance of having a solid investment plan based on a sound philosophy, which Nadal seems to have

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