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Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason Kelce and Wife Kylie Share Adorable Photos of Their Daughters Wyatt and Bennett

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Kylie Kelce Shares Adorable Comparison of Her Daughters

Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce’s Family

Kylie Kelce, the proud mother of three daughters, recently shared a heartwarming comparison of her eldest daughter, Wyatt, and her youngest, Bennett. The 31-year-old mother took to social media to post a throwback picture of Wyatt, who is now four years old, alongside a current photo of eight-month-old Bennett.

In the side-by-side images, both girls can be seen wearing beaming smiles, showcasing their undeniable resemblance. Kylie, who shares her daughters with Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce, playfully captioned the post, ““I just hit copy paste,” to highlight the striking similarities between the two siblings.

As well as Bennett and Wyatt, Kylie and Jason, 36, are also proud parents to their daughter Elliotte Ray, who was born on March 4, 2021. The couple tied the knot in Philadelphia in April 2018 and often share glimpses of their beautiful family life on social media.

Kylie previously delighted her followers with photos from Wyatt’s fourth birthday celebration. The enchanting party featured a mermaid-themed backdrop adorned with colorful balloons and a board that read, “Wyatt Turns Four.”

Meanwhile, Jason Kelce opened up about his experience as a father to three daughters in an interview with PEOPLE. The NFL star expressed his love for all his girls and revealed his initial intentions of treating his daughters the same as sons. However, he quickly realized that his parenting approach needed adjustment.

Jason humorously admitted, ““And then when I had a daughter, I was like, ‘I’m not going to spoil her, I’m going to raise her tough. She’s going to be hard.’ And the moment she came out, I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s not going to work.’ “

Reflecting on his daughters’ unique personalities, Jason described Wyatt as headstrong and opinionated, while Elliotte is more laid-back and tends to follow her big sister’s lead.

The NFL center also expressed his gratitude for the sacrifices and dedication of his own parents, acknowledging that becoming a father has been the greatest highlight of his life.

The Kelce family continues to capture hearts with their adorable moments and genuine love for one another.

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