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Patrick Mahomes Sets Sights on Flag Football in 2028 Olympics: Find Out His Game Plan

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Patrick Mahomes Sets Sights on Flag Football in 2028 Olympics

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback expresses interest in new Olympic sport

During a press conference in Frankfurt, Germany, Patrick Mahomes, the 28-year-old quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, revealed his aspirations to compete in flag football at the 2028 Olympics. As the sport gains popularity worldwide, Mahomes sees an opportunity to showcase his skills on a global stage.

Mahomes acknowledged that flag football has made significant strides in becoming an Olympic sport, as the LA28 Organising Committee has proposed it as one of the five new categories for the Los Angeles games. The other proposed sports include baseball-softball, cricket, lacrosse, and squash.

When asked about his potential participation, Mahomes expressed his desire to join the competition. However, he humbly acknowledged the speed and agility of other flag football players, stating, “I’ve seen some of those guys play, and they’re a little faster than I am. But if I can still move around at 31 or 32 years old, I’m going to try to get out there and throw the football around, maybe in LA.”

The LA28 CEO, Kathy Carter, emphasized the committee’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity in shaping the Olympic sport program. She stated, “We approached the process holistically and authentically, ensuring that our decisions were grounded in the Games’ commitment to fiscal responsibility. And we’ve landed on a bold and balanced proposal that will energize the Games with culturally relevant competition and boundless possibility.”

While Mahomes sets his sights on the future, his teammate Travis Kelce faced questions about his personal life during the press conference. Reporters were curious if pop star Taylor Swift would be supporting Kelce at the upcoming away game. However, Kelce tactfully avoided discussing his relationship with Swift, stating, “I don’t want to mess with any of that stuff. I’m just going to keep that to myself.”

The Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday at Deutsche Bank Park, providing fans with an exciting matchup to look forward to.

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