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Oklahoma State Upsets Oklahoma in Last Bedlam Game, Sending Fans Into a Frenzy

by americanosportscom

Oklahoma State Celebrates Upset Victory Over Oklahoma in Final Bedlam Game

By Dave Wilson

STILLWATER, Okla. – In a thrilling finale ⁤to the historic Bedlam series, Oklahoma State pulled off a​ stunning upset over Oklahoma, sending their fans into a frenzy as they stormed the field. The Cowboys’ 27-21 victory over their archrivals marked a significant milestone ‍for head coach Mike Gundy,⁢ who savored the ⁣moment amidst the jubilant crowd.

Gundy, a former⁣ Cowboys quarterback, has been involved in the Bedlam rivalry for over three decades, but this time,​ he wanted to⁢ truly soak ‍in the atmosphere. “I did better than I’ve done in ‍the past,” Gundy admitted. “I actually ⁢walked off and then walked back over to thank the students and try to enjoy some of it instead of just⁢ taking off and running off the field. I wanted to be able to see the Oklahoma State people enjoy it. I want the players to enjoy ⁢it, and so ​I wanted to⁣ see a little bit of it.”

The​ Bedlam series, which⁤ has seen Oklahoma dominate with ‍91‍ wins, is coming to an end due to conference realignment. Oklahoma will be joining the SEC next season, making it impractical for the schools to continue the rivalry given their new conference schedules. This victory for Oklahoma State, therefore,⁣ holds even greater⁣ significance as it secures bragging rights ‌for the foreseeable future.

Ollie Gordon II emerged as a hero ⁣for the Cowboys, rushing for 137 yards and two ⁣touchdowns, while Alan Bowman showcased his passing prowess with 334 yards. Rashod Owens also ⁢had a standout performance,⁣ recording career highs of 10 catches for 136 yards. Their contributions propelled Oklahoma State to their 20th win over the Sooners.

“It’s a big deal. I mean, this is the ‌last ⁤Bedlam,” Gundy⁢ emphasized. “All the ‍Oklahoma State people have put up with a lot​ of crap for 100 years. They’ve had their butt kicked a bunch.​ Now they’re going to walk around and say we won the last game.”

The⁢ significance of the victory was further highlighted when Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and Oklahoma State athletic director Chad Weiberg presented Gundy with ​a ball to commemorate his 100th Big 12 win. Gundy joined the esteemed company‌ of Bob Stoops (121) and‍ Bill Snyder (104) as the only⁢ coaches ⁢to reach this milestone.

The Cowboys’ triumph is⁢ even more remarkable considering their early-season struggles. After ⁣suffering a humiliating 33-7 defeat against South ⁢Alabama and‍ a close 34-27 loss to Iowa State, Gundy openly criticized the team’s coaching, including his own. However, the team has since turned⁢ their fortunes around, winning five ​consecutive games and ​positioning themselves as strong ​contenders‍ for the Big 12 championship.

“Nobody​ could ⁣have predicted ⁣the change that we made. Nobody,” Gundy asserted. “If anybody in this room says‍ that, I’m calling B.S. on it.”

Gundy expressed his gratitude towards the loyal Cowboys fans who continued to fill‌ the stadium despite⁣ the team’s early setbacks. He described the atmosphere during the game as “electric” and wanted his ⁣players ⁤to fully comprehend the magnitude of their achievement.

“I did tell the⁣ team… that the one ‍thing they ⁣should remember, these are special moments,” Gundy shared. ‍”The one thing that they can take with them for the rest of their life is the thrill that they gave⁣ the fans.⁣ There’s been ⁢a lot of years and a lot of history and a lot of tradition with Bedlam, and our ⁤crowd is more engaged with our team than any⁣ of the years‍ I’ve ⁢been here. So what they did is they gave them a once-in-a-lifetime ⁤experience.”

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