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Novak Djokovic Opens Up About Ambition and Greatness After Paris-Bercy Triumph

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Tennis: Novak Djokovic Responds to Rafael Nadal’s Comments

Novak Djokovic was in high spirits on Sunday after securing his seventh Paris-Bercy title and 40th Masters 1000 title. The Serbian tennis star did not shy away from discussing his achievements and ambitions.

A few weeks ago, Rafael Nadal commented on Djokovic’s record of 24 Grand Slam titles, stating, “For him, it would have been a bigger frustration not to achieve it. And maybe that’s why he has succeeded, as he has pushed his ambition to the maximum. I have always been ambitious, but with a healthy mindset that allows me to maintain perspective and not get overly frustrated or angry on the court when things don’t go well.”

Djokovic seemed to be responding to Nadal’s remarks after his victory in France. He confidently stated, “I am determined to break every possible record. I have never hesitated to express this goal. Perhaps that’s why some people don’t like me. I don’t pretend to have different intentions and then act differently. I have always strived to be consistent with my beliefs.”

Reflecting on his final match against Grigor Dimitrov, Djokovic acknowledged the tight competition at the beginning. He observed, “Both of us were quite evenly matched, and I could sense that he was running out of energy. I faced a similar challenge, but I managed to find an extra shot over the net. The match was closer than the scoreline suggests, but it’s another incredible victory for me. Considering the obstacles I faced this week, I am extremely proud of this achievement.”

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