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Novak Djokovic Dominates Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in Stats: The GOAT Debate Settled

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A Numerical Comparison Reveals Novak Djokovic as the Greatest Player of All Time

By Shahida Jacobs | November 6, 2023

A Novak Djokovic superfan has conducted a comprehensive numerical analysis comparing the achievements of the Big Three in tennis – Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. The results are in, and there is a clear winner when it comes to the overall statistics, solidifying Djokovic’s claim as the greatest player of all time.

For years, @Yolitatennis has meticulously maintained a spreadsheet tracking the accomplishments of these tennis legends. The latest figures once again make for fascinating reading, especially if you are a Djokovic fan.

Just recently, the Serbian superstar clinched his 40th ATP Masters 1000 title by defeating Grigor Dimitrov in the final of the Paris Masters. This victory also brought Djokovic’s career title count to an impressive 97, placing him just six titles behind Federer and 12 titles away from Jimmy Connors’ overall Open Era record of 109.

However, it is Djokovic’s dominance in the “Big Titles” category that truly sets him apart. With his latest singles title, Djokovic now boasts a staggering 70 “Big Titles” (comprising Grand Slams, ATP Finals, and ATP Masters 1000), leaving his rivals far behind. Nadal trails with 58 titles, while Federer has 54.

Their tallies are broken down as follows:

Novak Djokovic Big Titles
24 – Grand Slams
6 – ATP Finals
40 – ATP Masters 1000

Rafael Nadal Big Titles
22 – Grand Slams
0 – ATP Finals
36 – ATP Masters 1000

Roger Federer Big Titles
20 – Grand Slams
6 – ATP Finals
28 – ATP Masters 1000

“With his win today, Novak only needs to win one RR match in Turin to guarantee the YE#1 ranking for a record 8th time and 406 weeks as #1. It is *almost* guaranteed, but not quite. 😊 Here is my table updated: 40 masters, 70 big titles. Absolute heaven!” – @Yolitatennis, November 5, 2023

In addition to titles, total ranking points earned are also taken into consideration. Djokovic currently holds the top spot with 166,864 ranking points, followed closely by Federer with 164,384 and Nadal with 148,997. It is worth noting that the ranking point system has been adjusted to the current format, as a different system was used before 2009.

Other categories analyzed include Win-Loss Percentage, where Djokovic leads with 83.68%, followed by Nadal with 82.92% and Federer with 81.98% for “general wins.” In terms of Big Five Wins (matches against the Big Three), Djokovic comes out on top with 57 victories, while Nadal has 53 and Federer has 39.

Djokovic’s dominance extends beyond titles and win percentages. He also leads in the Streaks classification for Big Titles (Grand Slams, ATP Finals, ATP Masters, Big Titles, Weeks at No 1) and Other Achievements.

The Other Achievement list includes the Career Grand Slam, a feat Djokovic has accomplished three times, while Nadal has achieved it twice and Federer once. Djokovic is the sole player to have a Career Masters, having won all nine ATP Masters 1000 titles twice throughout his career, while his rivals have yet to achieve this milestone. Djokovic has also achieved the “Big Titles Sweep” twice.

However, when it comes to Olympic medals, Nadal takes the lead. He has two gold medals to his name, one in singles and one in doubles. Federer has one gold medal in doubles, and Djokovic has one bronze medal in singles.

When considering the numerical comparisons, it is evident that Djokovic emerges as the clear winner. His exceptional achievements and records solidify his claim as the greatest player of all time.

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