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NFL Week 9 Preview: Seahawks vs. Ravens, Rams vs. Packers, Cardinals vs. Browns, Bills vs. Bengals – Predictions and Picks

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Week 9 NFL Preview: Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals,​ and Bills Face Tough Challenges

We are now entering the back half of the 2023 NFL regular season, with‌ Week ⁢9 set ‌to kick off. The Seattle Seahawks and the ⁢rest of⁢ the NFC West have had an eventful first half of the season, with the San ⁤Francisco 49ers initially looking like ⁣the team to beat. However, injuries and​ inefficiency have exposed some vulnerabilities, and the Seahawks capitalized on this by defeating the Cleveland Browns in​ a thrilling ⁣game-winning drive last weekend. Now, the Seahawks have the opportunity⁣ to‍ take a one-game lead over the Niners in the division race, but they face a tough upcoming schedule.

Speaking of tough ⁣challenges, the ‌Los Angeles Rams and Arizona ⁤Cardinals will ⁣both‍ be ⁣making 10AM appearances‌ on the road. The Rams will be hosted by the Green Bay Packers,⁤ while the Cardinals will face the Cleveland Browns. These morning ⁤road games can be tricky, but both teams​ will be looking⁢ to secure important ​victories.

One of‌ the most ‌anticipated matchups of Week 9 ‌will be‍ between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday Night Football. Both teams were expected to be among⁤ the AFC’s best, but they ⁣have struggled so far this season. The‌ Bills have a 5-3 record, but‍ their losses have come against teams that are not‌ considered top contenders. ‍The Bengals,⁣ on the other hand, started the season with a losing record but have ‌shown signs of improvement recently.

Seahawks at Ravens – 10:00am – CBS ‍- O/U 44

The Seahawks will ​travel to Baltimore to take on‌ the Ravens, a team⁤ they last defeated ⁢on the road ⁢back in 2015. ⁢Since then, both teams have⁢ undergone significant changes. The Ravens currently⁢ have one of the best scoring defenses in the league, allowing only 15.1 points per game. While the Seahawks have ⁤a strong defense‍ of their own, my ⁣gut feeling is that the home ⁢team will come out‍ on top. The Ravens are favored to win by a touchdown, according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

The pick: Under 44 points, Ravens win‍ straight up but the ​Seahawks cover

Rams ‌at Packers – 10:00am – FOX ⁤- O/U 38.5

The ⁤Rams and Packers are both facing their own challenges this season. The Rams have undergone major ⁣roster changes‌ and are dealing with an aging and injured quarterback. The Packers, on ​the other hand, are navigating their first ⁣official season of ⁣the ​”Jordan Love era,” ‌but there are concerns about Love’s ​long-term potential. The Packers are listed as ​3-point favorites, but‌ a ⁤lot depends on the health of Rams quarterback ⁣Matthew Stafford. Ultimately, I believe ⁤the Packers will ​come out ‍on top.

The pick: Over 38.5, Packers win straight up and cover

Cardinals at Browns – 10:00am⁣ – CBS – O/U 38

The ⁤Cardinals have struggled this season and ‍are considered 9-point ​underdogs against the Browns. The uncertainty surrounding Cardinals quarterback Kyler ‍Murray has added to their woes. Meanwhile, ⁣the Browns have had a solid season despite their ‌loss to the Seahawks‍ last week.‍ Playing at home gives the Browns ‌an advantage,​ and I confidently ​predict a victory for them.

The pick: Under ⁤38, Browns win straight up and cover

Bills at​ Bengals -⁢ 10:00am‌ – CBS – O/U 50.5

The Bills and Bengals were expected to be top⁢ contenders in the AFC, but⁣ both teams have‍ faced​ their fair share of struggles. The Bills have a 5-3 ⁢record but have suffered losses against teams that are not considered strong‌ opponents. The Bengals ‌started the ⁤season poorly but‌ have shown improvement recently. Despite the high over/under of 50.5 points, I believe the Bills have the more ​complete roster and will come out on top. DraftKings‍ Sportsbook lists the Bills as 2-point favorites.

The pick: Under 50.5 points, Bills⁣ win ⁤straight up⁤ and cover the spread

These are ⁤our picks for Week 9‍ of the NFL season. Stay‍ tuned for more⁣ exciting matchups ⁤and football ⁢action!

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