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New York Jets Players Hold Urgent Meeting to Address Offensive Struggles and Course Correct

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New York Jets Players Hold Meeting to Address Team’s Struggles

In an effort to turn their season around, New York Jets players took advantage of their off day to gather and discuss the state of the team. Following two consecutive losses, the Jets have fallen below the .500 mark and are currently sitting in last place in offensive touchdowns scored in the NFL, with only 8 touchdowns to their name.

With a record of 4-5 and less than half a season remaining, the players recognized the urgency to improve their performance. The AFC East division, although not the strongest, is still competitive, with the Miami Dolphins narrowly leading the pack at 6-3.

During an interview on ESPN New York’s “Bart & Hahn Show,” star Jets receiver Garrett Wilson shed light on the seriousness with which the players are approaching their on-field issues. Wilson stated, “The guys talked, and we had the floor. It was just us. We got to make sure we’re all on the same page about where we’re at and how the hell we get out of this funk, man. That was really the message. When it comes from one of your teammates, it always hits different. It always resonates a little bit more.”

Wilson’s sentiments reflect the players’ determination to address their shortcomings and find solutions. They understand the importance of leaving no stone unturned in their quest for improvement. Wilson added, “[We’re] truly sorry about the product we’ve put on the field offensively this season to this point.”

The Jets find themselves at a crossroads in their season, but the players are determined not to have any regrets about their efforts. Wilson emphasized, “We don’t want to finish the season and look back like we should’ve done this earlier… so let’s talk about it now. Hopefully, it leads to results, but the reality of us doing that and doing the right thing as far as calling a players-only meeting and talking, it doesn’t guarantee anything. We still have to go out and do it, but we’re taking the right steps and we’re turning over every stone because it matters to us.”

In a surprising move, the Jets released running back Michael Carter just hours after the players-only meeting. The decision caught many players off guard, and they publicly expressed their sadness over Carter’s departure. Carter, a fourth-round draft pick in 2021, was claimed by the Arizona Cardinals on Wednesday.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh explained that the move was made to give rookie Izzy Abanikanda an opportunity. Carter’s role with the team had already been diminished, and Saleh believed it wouldn’t be fair to have him “rot on the bench.”

Carter’s release was not entirely unexpected, as tensions had been simmering between him and running backs coach Taylor Embree since a heated argument during the Jets’ loss to the New England Patriots in Week 3. The final straw came when Carter received a penalty for a chop-block in the third quarter of the Jets’ recent loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. He was subsequently benched and only played eight snaps in the game. Throughout the season, Carter accumulated 15 receptions for 68 yards and 38 rushing yards on eight carries for the Jets.

“This one hurts the most, I can’t even lie,” expressed Jets tackle Mekhi Becton on social media.

The Jets now face the challenge of regrouping and finding ways to improve their offensive performance. The players’ commitment to addressing their issues head-on demonstrates their determination to make a comeback and salvage their season. Only time will tell if their efforts will yield the desired results.

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