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New York Jets Head Coach Stands by Zach Wilson Amidst Growing Calls for Benching

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d Saleh about his comment during​ Wednesday’s press conference, and he clarified that he was using the phrase in a lighthearted manner​ and not as ⁤a ‍serious legal defense.

“I was‌ just having a little fun with ‌it,” Saleh said. “I didn’t mean anything by it. I have complete confidence in Zach Wilson and our entire offense.‌ We’re working hard to improve and get better every day.”

Despite ​Saleh’s support, the pressure on Wilson continues to mount. The rookie quarterback ⁢has struggled ‌in ⁢his first season, throwing nine interceptions and only four touchdowns through six games.‌ The Jets currently have a 1-5 record ‌and rank near the bottom of the league in several offensive‍ categories.

Fans ‍and media alike have called for the Jets to bench Wilson and ​give backup quarterback Trevor ‍Siemian a chance. Siemian has NFL ‌experience and could provide a different look for ‍the struggling ⁤offense. However, Saleh has remained‌ steadfast in his support for Wilson.

“We believe in⁢ Zach and his ability to lead⁤ this team,” Saleh said. “He’s ⁤a talented young quarterback, and we’re⁣ confident that he ‌will continue to grow and improve. It’s not just about one player, it’s about the entire team coming together and executing.”

The Jets will face⁤ the New England Patriots this​ Sunday,⁤ and all eyes will be on Wilson to see ‍if he ‌can bounce back from ‍his recent struggles. Saleh and the‌ coaching staff will continue to work with him to address his areas of improvement and help him succeed.

As the season progresses, the Jets ⁣will need to find a way to turn things around and get their offense on track.⁢ Whether that means sticking with Wilson or making a change ​at quarterback remains to be seen. But for now, Saleh is standing by his man⁢ and hoping for ⁢better days ahead.New York Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh Stands by Struggling Quarterback Zach Wilson

As the calls for the New​ York Jets to bench quarterback Zach Wilson grow louder, head coach Robert Saleh ⁣is standing by his man. During his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Saleh addressed the team’s recent offensive struggles and emphasized that it is ‍not solely Wilson’s fault.

“The​ entire Jets ⁣offense needs to improve,” Saleh said, according to NFL.com.‌ “If it ⁤was just him, it would be something that ‌would​ be worth discussing, ⁢but this is a ​collective issue that we all need to‌ get on the same page with. That’s all of us.”

While Saleh acknowledged that Wilson still has areas to work on, he stressed that it is ⁢”lazy” to put all the blame on the rookie quarterback. Saleh believes that the team as a whole needs to execute better, including players catching passes, being in ‍the right positions, and calling the right plays.

Saleh’s comments come amidst growing speculation about Wilson’s future as the Jets’ starting quarterback.⁤ However, the head coach made it clear ​that⁢ he and the organization are committed to Wilson’s development.

Later‌ on Tuesday evening, Saleh⁤ appeared on a New ‍York radio show where he was asked about the possibility of giving backup quarterback Trevor Siemian ⁣a chance. Saleh struggled‌ to provide a clear answer, saying, “Fair question…‍ I don’t know.⁢ I’m going to plead the fifth on this one.”

Saleh’s use of the phrase “plead the fifth” raised ​eyebrows in the sports media and sparked speculation about whether he was being pressured by team management ⁣to keep Wilson as⁤ the‌ starter. However, Saleh dismissed these theories during ⁣a press​ conference on Wednesday, stating that he and the ​organization are on the same page regarding Wilson’s role.

The Jets are currently 1-5 and have ⁤struggledNew York Jets Head Coach Stands by Struggling Quarterback Zach Wilson

As the New York⁢ Jets continue to struggle on offense, calls for quarterback Zach Wilson to be benched have grown louder. ⁤However,⁤ head coach Robert Saleh ‌is standing by his rookie quarterback, stating that the ⁣team’s offensive⁣ struggles are a collective issue​ that extends ‌beyond Wilson alone.

During his weekly press conference on⁤ Tuesday, Saleh addressed the concerns surrounding Wilson’s performance and emphasized⁢ that the entire offense needs to⁤ improve. “If it was just him, it would be⁢ something that would be worth discussing, but this ⁤is a collective issue that we all need to get on the same page with,” Saleh said, according to NFL.com.

Saleh acknowledged that Wilson still has areas to work on, but he believes it is “lazy” to solely ​blame the quarterback for⁣ the team’s struggles. “He has a lot of things that he needs to​ improve on, and ⁢I know he understands‍ that, but at the same time, this ​is collective,” Saleh added.

The Jets’ offense has faced numerous challenges this season, including dropped passes, miscommunication among players, and execution⁣ issues. Saleh emphasized the need for improvement in all aspects of the offense, ‌including play-calling ​and putting players in positions ‌to succeed.

Despite the mounting pressure on ⁣Wilson, ⁤Saleh’s support ​for his young quarterback ⁣remains unwavering. The Jets’ ⁢coaching staff will continue⁣ to work with Wilson to address his areas of improvement and help the entire ‌offense find success.

The Jets currently hold a 1-4 record and will face the Atlanta Falcons in Week‌ 5 as they look to turn their season around.

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