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MLB Trade Scenarios: 29 Players the Detroit Tigers Should Target in 2022-2023 Season

by americanosportscom

Trade Scenarios: Detroit Tigers Eyeing Potential Deals Across MLB

Trades in baseball can be a thrilling affair, sparking excitement and speculation among fans. However, if you were a Detroit Tigers fan between Aug. 4, 2015, and Aug. 10, 2022, you might have a different perspective. Despite this, trade scenarios always make for great conversation, and today we bring you 29 intriguing possibilities. We have meticulously analyzed the rosters of every MLB team to identify one player the Tigers should consider trading for from each team. Some choices were more obvious than others, but let’s dive right in, starting with the American League East.

Baltimore Orioles: Cedric Mullins

The Orioles are actively seeking pitching options this offseason, and the Tigers have a surplus to offer. Cedric Mullins, a talented outfielder, could be an expendable asset for the Orioles due to their abundance of young outfield prospects. With two more years of arbitration left, the Orioles would likely be motivated to save some payroll. Mullins would undoubtedly be an upgrade for the Tigers, particularly in the outfield defense. This move would also allow Riley Greene to serve as the designated hitter during the initial part of the season as he recovers from Tommy John surgery.

Boston Red Sox: Alex Verdugo

Alex Verdugo, a left-handed outfielder, perfectly aligns with the Tigers’ offensive strategy. Known for his high-contact approach and low strikeout rate, Verdugo rarely chases pitches outside the strike zone. With just one year of control remaining, acquiring Verdugo would provide the Tigers with a quality bat in the outfield for the 2024 season without breaking the bank.

New York Yankees: Austin Wells

The Tigers have recently exercised the club option on Carson Kelly, but with his contract expiring after one more year, they need to plan for the future. Austin Wells, a promising catching prospect for the Yankees, could be an ideal candidate. With limited catcher depth in the Tigers’ minor league system, Wells presents an intriguing option worth monitoring.

Tampa Bay Rays: Yandy Diaz

Yandy Diaz emerges as one of the most coveted bats on this offseason’s trade market. Coming off an impressive season with a .300/.400/.500 slash line and a 164 wRC+, Diaz proved himself as one of the league’s premier hitters. The Tigers could benefit from his presence at third base, filling a void in their lineup. The Rays, known for their financial prudence, might be willing to part ways with Diaz for the right package of prospects, potentially elevating the Tigers’ offense to new heights.

Toronto Blue Jays: Cavan Biggio

Cavan Biggio has lingered on the trade block for some time now. While his career walk rate hovers just below 14%, he also carries a strikeout rate close to 27%. Biggio may not be the most disciplined hitter, but his plate discipline shows promise. Although his defensive skills require improvement, the Tigers could work with him to enhance his overall game. Acquiring Biggio shouldn’t demand an exorbitant price, making him an attractive trade target.

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