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Mets Bring Back Winning Hitting Coach Tandem for 2024 Season

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The Mets Reassemble Successful Hitting Coach Tandem

The New York Mets have made a significant move in their coaching staff, opting to return to a hitting coach tandem that has proven successful in the past.

Eric Chavez Returns as Hitting Coach

Eric Chavez, a highly valued member of the organization, will be staying with the Mets but will be transitioning from his role as bench coach back to hitting coach, as confirmed by The Post on Friday. Chavez will be teaming up with returning hitting coach Jeremy Barnes to lead the team’s offense.

Chavez’s rise within the Mets organization has been notable. He initially served as a hitting coach before being promoted to Buck Showalter’s bench coach, a move that hinted at his potential future as a manager.

However, following a disappointing season for the Mets in 2023, changes were made. David Stearns took over as the president of baseball operations, Showalter was let go, and Chavez’s future became uncertain.

Chavez even interviewed for the hitting coach position with the New York Yankees, but ultimately, the role went to James Rowson.

Now, the Mets have decided to reassemble the successful hitting-minded duo of Chavez and Barnes. This dynamic pair previously led the team’s offense during the impressive 101-win 2022 season.

Eric Chavez
Eric Chavez is the Mets’ hitting coach again

While the status of last season’s assistant hitting coach, Eric Hinske, remains unclear, it is known that Jeremy Hefner will continue in his role as the team’s pitching coach. Hefner has been a consistent presence in the coaching staff since 2020, serving under multiple regimes.

The news of Chavez and Barnes reuniting as co-hitting coaches was first reported by SNY, providing Mets fans with renewed hope for a strong offensive performance in the upcoming season.

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