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Medvedev and Rublev: From Friends to Foes on the Court | ATP Tour Rivalry Explored

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Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev: Friends Turned Foes on the ATP Tour

In a surprising turn of events, Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev, known for their close friendship off the court, faced each other once again in a thrilling encounter at the Nitto ATP Finals. While Medvedev emerged victorious, extending his lead in their head-to-head series, the match showcased the competitive spirit that exists between these two talented players.

A Battle on the Court

Despite their strong bond, Medvedev made it clear that their friendship takes a backseat when they step onto the court. “On court, I don’t know how it is for him – for me, friends and enemies don’t exist. I just try to win the match. I don’t think about anything else,” Medvedev stated.

However, once the final point is played, Medvedev’s empathy for his friend kicks in. “It’s like I feel sorry for him, he lost the match. But it’s the same for him. If he beats me, I mean, last year was brutal when he beat me [in Turin]. So I felt for one or two days he was kind of shy to talk to me, taking care,” Medvedev revealed.

Despite the intensity on the court, Medvedev and Rublev always find a way to maintain their friendship. “You always try to look at him and see if tomorrow we can talk like normal. I’m going to say to him good luck, go for it in the next matches, and he’s probably going to say the same,” Medvedev added.

Recovering from Defeat

When asked about his own recovery process after a loss, Medvedev explained that it varies from person to person. “For me, usually it depends on the match, but in general, I need probably one hour, around this. Sometimes two. Sometimes 30 minutes. I kind of laugh about it. For sure, I will be disappointed, but I can talk to people, laugh about it,” he shared.

On the other hand, Medvedev believes Rublev requires more time to bounce back. “I think Andrey needs a little bit more time, but that’s just the way he is,” Medvedev acknowledged.

Looking Ahead

Medvedev’s next challenge will be against Alexander Zverev, while Rublev will face Carlos Alcaraz. Both Medvedev and Zverev have started the tournament with a win, setting the stage for an exciting clash between the two players.

Reflecting on the recent match between Zverev and Alcaraz, Medvedev expressed that the result was not surprising considering their current form. “Tennis is a very, very tricky sport. At this moment, for whatever reason, we feel that Carlos plays just a little bit slower. He doesn’t have the same confidence he had throughout the whole year,” Medvedev analyzed.

Despite the initial sluggishness, the match turned into a fierce battle, showcasing Zverev’s skills and serving prowess. Medvedev, who has faced Zverev numerous times before, is eager to take on the challenge once again. “It’s going to be interesting to play him for the 18th time,” Medvedev concluded.

With Medvedev holding a 10-7 advantage in their head-to-head encounters, including wins in four of their five meetings this season, the upcoming match promises to be a thrilling showdown between two formidable opponents.

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