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McIlroy Resigns from PGA Tour’s Policy Board: A ‘Something Had to Give’ Decision

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‘Something had to give’- McIlroy on policy board decision

Rory McIlroy has announced his resignation from the PGA Tour’s influential policy board, explaining that he felt compelled to step down due to his busy schedule and changing circumstances.

The world No.2 surprised many with his decision, as he was expected to continue serving on the board until 2024. However, McIlroy revealed that he had been contemplating this move for some time.

McIlroy, 34, has been a staunch supporter of the PGA Tour during its conflicts with the breakaway LIV Golf Tour. However, after the two parties announced their merger in June, he admitted feeling like a “sacrificial lamb.”

“Something had to give. There are only so many hours in a day and days in a week, and I have a lot going on in my life right now,” McIlroy told BBC Sport.

Aside from his professional golfing career, McIlroy is also focused on being a devoted husband and father. Additionally, he has a growing investment portfolio that demands more of his time. Furthermore, his involvement with the Tech-infused Golf League (TGL) alongside Tiger Woods has added to his already busy schedule.

McIlroy acknowledged that the PGA Tour’s change in direction influenced his decision to step away from the policy board.

“Since the announcement on June 6th, I felt like my role diminished due to the decisions that were made,” McIlroy explained.

Furthermore, McIlroy expressed his desire to prioritize his golfing career moving forward.

“As we approach the next year and prepare for tournaments like Augusta, I simply cannot dedicate the necessary time and energy to the policy board,” McIlroy stated.

He emphasized that this was a significant decision and believed it would be more beneficial for someone else to take his place, someone who could fully commit to the responsibilities of the position.

McIlroy’s resignation from the policy board marks a turning point in his involvement with the PGA Tour. As he continues to focus on his golfing career and other personal commitments, it remains to be seen how this decision will impact his relationship with the organization in the long run.

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