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Mastering Off-Speed Wedges: Optimize Your Yardage with Different Swing Techniques

by americanosportscom

Mastering Offspeed Wedges: A Guide to Improving Your Short Game

As the Director of Instruction at Jupiter Hills, I had the pleasure of speaking with Davis Lamb about the art of offspeed wedges. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the techniques and strategies that can help golfers enhance their short game.

Understanding the Basics

Davis, an accomplished golfer, shared that his full 58° wedge carries the ball an impressive 95 yards. With this knowledge, we set out to explore the possibilities of offspeed shots.

Starting with a full backswing, Davis demonstrated his technique without making contact with the ball. His arm reached a height of approximately 11 o’clock. To create an offspeed shot, I suggested a nine o’clock position, where the left arm is parallel to the ground. The key is to maintain body speed while adjusting the swing.

With the left arm parallel to the ground, Davis achieved a carry of 74 yards. Encouraged by this progress, we decided to experiment further. This time, we aimed for a 7:30 position, repeating the nine o’clock swing but with the grip at waist height. The goal remained the same: maintain body speed and observe the results.

The outcome was a 62-yard carry. By exploring these different positions, we discovered three distinct areas from which offspeed wedge shots can be executed.

Mastering the Offspeed Wedge

If you find yourself struggling with offspeed wedge shots, remember that shortening the golf swing requires consistent body rotation. Whether executing a full swing, a nine o’clock swing, or a 7:30 swing, maintaining body rotation is crucial for success.

By incorporating these techniques into your practice routine, you can develop a versatile short game that will undoubtedly improve your overall performance on the golf course.

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