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Master Your Chip Shots with This Simple Indoor Drill

by americanosportscom

Improve Your Chip Shots with This Simple Indoor Drill

By Golf Correspondent

Looking to enhance your golf skills from the comfort of your own home? We have a fantastic indoor drill that will help you perfect your chip shots. Whether you’re in the den or the family room, this drill is easy to set up and will provide valuable insights into the quality of your strike and club placement.

Here’s how it works: place three golf balls on the ground, positioned the length of a grip behind a nickel. This visual aid is particularly helpful for golfers who struggle to land their club in the right spot. By maintaining the correct wrist angle throughout the swing, you can ensure a clean strike and accurate shot placement.

To begin, set up as if you were preparing to hit a chip shot. During the backswing, focus on maintaining a wrist hinge, allowing the club to effortlessly clear over the golf balls. Then, smoothly rotate your chest through the swing, being careful not to prematurely extend your wrists. Practice this motion repeatedly, and you’ll soon notice improved control over where your club lands on the ground.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try this drill at home. By honing your chip shot technique, you’ll become a more skilled golfer and gain confidence in your ability to consistently land the club exactly where you intend.

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