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Martin Prado: A Perfect Fit for the Atlanta Braves Coaching Staff in 2024

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Martin Prado: A Potential Return to Atlanta Braves as a Coach

Martin Prado, a former player for the Atlanta Braves from 2006 to 2012, is being considered as a legitimate option to join the coaching staff of the team. Prado, who played 7 seasons with the Braves, was an all-star in 2010 and finished 9th in National League MVP voting. Known as a fan favorite during his playing days, Prado’s return to Atlanta would bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the coaching staff.

Vacant Coaching Positions

After the departures of Ron Washington and Eric Young, the Atlanta Braves are currently looking to fill two vacant coaching positions. Washington, who served as the third base coach and infield coach, and Young, who was the first base coach, have left big shoes to fill. Let’s explore why Martin Prado would be an excellent addition to the coaching staff.

A Return to Traditional Values

In the ever-evolving landscape of baseball, the Atlanta Braves have remained an organization that values tradition. Throughout their history, the Braves have prioritized signing players and coaches with a connection to the team. Martin Prado perfectly fits this description, having played for the Braves for 7 seasons and being managed by the legendary Bobby Cox. Prado’s understanding of the Braves’ expectations and his ability to share his experiences with the current roster would foster a cohesive and unified team environment.

“He’s not currently, but Snitker stays in touch with Prado and would love to have him on the staff.”

– David O’Brien (@DOBrienATL) November 8, 2023

A Versatile and Knowledgeable Coach

During his playing days, Martin Prado showcased his versatility as the ultimate utility player. He seamlessly transitioned between various infield positions and even served as the team’s emergency catcher. Prado’s ability to excel in multiple positions demonstrates his deep understanding of the game and what it takes to be successful. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Prado emerges as a prime candidate for the infield coach position with the Braves in 2024.

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