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Latest MLB Rumors: Cardinals Non-Tender Players, Yankees Eyeing Juan Soto Trade, Padres Payroll Concerns

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Busy Day in MLB: Cardinals, Yankees, and Padres Make Roster Moves

Major League Baseball saw some significant roster decisions on Friday, with the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, and San Diego Padres making headlines. Let’s take a closer look at the latest rumors, news, and notes surrounding these teams.

Cardinals Non-Tender Four Players, Including Andrew Knizner

The St. Louis Cardinals announced on Friday that they had non-tendered four players: pitchers Dakota Hudson and Jake Woodford, catcher Andrew Knizner, and infielder/outfielder Juan Yepez. While some of these moves were expected, the inclusion of Knizner surprised both Cardinals fans and media members.

Knizner played a crucial role for the Cardinals during a tumultuous period earlier this year when he became the primary catcher due to Willson Contreras focusing on DH duties. He provided stability and support to the team during that time. Despite having the highest OPS+ of his career last season (92), the decision to part ways with Knizner raises questions about the Cardinals’ future plans. It is expected that he will find a new team soon, leaving St. Louis to ponder whether they made the right choice.

Yankees and Padres Discuss Potential Trade for Juan Soto

In an article for The New York Post, Joel Sherman proposed an intriguing trade scenario between the New York Yankees and the San Diego Padres. Sherman suggested that the Yankees could acquire outfielder Juan Soto from the Padres by offering Giancarlo Stanton, along with some prospects, in exchange for Soto, Jake Cronenworth, and Yu Darvish. This deal would not only bolster the Yankees’ offense but also help the Padres reduce their payroll, which is reportedly a priority for them this offseason.

However, Sherman acknowledges that this idea falls into the “pipe-dream category.” It would require several factors to align, including Stanton and Darvish waiving their no-claim clauses and the Padres deeming the return sufficient for their offensive centerpiece (Soto) and rotation (Darvish). Considering the Padres’ existing rotation needs, losing Darvish may not align with their offseason goals. Nevertheless, with the Yankees eager to return to the postseason, it remains to be seen how far they are willing to go to make a significant move.

Overall, these roster moves and trade rumors have stirred up excitement and speculation among baseball fans. As the offseason progresses, it will be interesting to see how these storylines develop and whether any of these teams regret their decisions.

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