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KU Basketball Faces Challenges Ahead of Regular Season Opener Against North Carolina Central

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Title: Kansas Jayhawks​ Show Concerning Signs Ahead of Regular-Season Opener

Date:‍ November 2, 2023

The Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball‍ team is⁤ gearing up for their regular-season opener against ⁢North Carolina​ Central on Monday. However, ​after a lackluster exhibition victory over Fort Hays State, head coach‌ Bill⁢ Self expressed his concerns about the team’s preparedness.

In a postgame interview, ‌Self made it clear that ‌the⁣ Jayhawks ​are not ready for the regular season. He highlighted two major areas of concern: the team’s overall energy and their inconsistent defense. These deficiencies⁤ were evident in the second half of the exhibition game, where⁤ Fort Hays State went on multiple scoring⁤ runs while much of KU’s starting lineup remained on ​the court.

Self criticized the team’s shooting performance, particularly⁢ their 6-for-28 shooting from beyond the⁢ arc. He emphasized that the team needs to ⁤improve their three-point shooting, as they ⁤were 0-for-18 on all other attempts apart from backup center Parker Braun’s banked-in three-pointer.

Despite⁤ the team’s struggles, Self praised the efforts of Kevin McCullar Jr., who played through a sore neck and contributed⁤ significantly to the ​team’s offense. McCullar’s performance was a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing shooting display.

The Jayhawks’ defensive shortcomings were also a cause for concern. Self ​and his⁤ players acknowledged that if they struggle to make​ shots, they need to focus on preventing the opposing team from scoring. The team deployed 13 players in ​the second ⁣half, but Fort Hays‍ State still managed to outscore them.

Another factor contributing ​to the team’s lack of‌ readiness is the⁣ presence of⁤ several freshmen who are still adjusting ⁣to the‌ college game. Self acknowledged ⁤that the freshmen, who make up a ‌third of⁣ the scholarship ⁢athletes, are still getting ​up to speed.

Self also mentioned⁢ the struggles of guard Elmarko Jackson, who has ‍been⁢ overthinking on the⁣ court. As a result, Self has decided to have McCullar serve as the point ​guard when Dajuan Harris Jr.​ is not on the floor.

Looking ahead to their regular-season‍ opener​ against ⁤North ⁤Carolina ⁢Central, the Jayhawks will⁣ have ​a longer break‍ to regroup and address their concerns. NCCU,⁢ picked to‌ finish third in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, will⁤ bring ‍a new-look roster with several transfers.

In addition to ⁤their on-court⁤ preparations, Self and​ NCCU ‍head coach LeVelle Moton will participate in ‌a ⁢panel discussion about John McLendon, a KU alum and former NCCU coach. The discussion will center around⁣ the documentary “Fast​ Break: ‌The Legendary John McLendon.”

The Jayhawks’ regular-season opener against North Carolina Central will take place on Monday at 7 p.m. and will be televised on ‍ESPN+.

In conclusion, the Kansas Jayhawks have some work to do before their regular-season opener. Coach Bill Self ‌and his team ⁣are ⁢aware of the areas they need to improve, particularly their energy, defense, and three-point shooting. With a longer break before their first ⁣official ‌game, the⁣ Jayhawks have an opportunity to address these concerns and‌ come out⁣ stronger in their regular-season campaign.Ready⁤ or ‍not, ⁣here comes regular-season basketball for KU

Kansas ⁤coach Bill⁢ Self⁤ expressed his concerns about his team’s preparedness for the regular season, just ⁣three days before their opening game against North Carolina Central. Self bluntly stated, “No, ⁤we’re not ready,” emphasizing the⁣ team’s lack ⁤of readiness.

Self’s main areas⁢ of concern following their exhibition⁢ victory over Fort Hays State​ were the team’s overall energy and inconsistent defense. These deficiencies were ‍evident in⁤ the second half, as the Tigers⁤ went on multiple scoring ⁤runs while KU’s starting lineup struggled to contain them. The limited number of scholarship players on⁣ the bench also contributed to the ​team’s inability ⁣to form alternative lineups.

Self criticized ​the team’s performance from beyond the arc, as they shot a disappointing 6-for-28. He highlighted the fact that only one of those three-pointers⁣ came from Kevin ​McCullar Jr., ‍who played despite a sore⁢ neck. Self acknowledged McCullar’s dedication to the⁣ team and expressed gratitude for⁤ his contribution.

However, the ⁣team’s struggles from deep were not solely attributed to McCullar’s performance. The rest of the team went 0-for-18 on three-point attempts, leading Self to⁤ comment, “I actually think that we’re better than that.”

Self and his players agreed that their defensive⁣ efforts needed⁢ improvement. Point guard Dajuan Harris​ Jr. emphasized the importance of preventing‍ the opposing team​ from scoring⁣ when their

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