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Key Takeaways: James Cook’s Benching, Marvin Mims Jr.’s Role, and Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills Recap | NFL Fantasy Football 2023

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Title: James Cook’s⁢ Redemption Leads Buffalo Bills to ​Victory over Denver Broncos

Date: November 14, 2023

By Nathan Jahnke

In a thrilling NFL matchup between the Buffalo Bills ⁢and the Denver Broncos, running back James Cook played⁤ a pivotal role ‍in the ⁤Bills’ comeback victory. ⁤Despite being temporarily benched ‌after a fumble ‍on the game’s first offensive ⁢play,‍ Cook redeemed himself with a remarkable performance, ultimately leading the Bills to their‍ first lead of ‌the game.

Cook’s benching lasted ⁢for ⁢over a quarter, during which Latavius ‌Murray ⁤took over as the primary running back. Murray made an impact,⁤ running four times for 37 yards and⁤ two first downs. However, Cook ‍reentered the game in the middle of the second⁣ quarter, resuming his usual role alongside​ Murray.

Throughout the game, Cook​ took most of the snaps outside of short-yardage situations, while Murray handled ‍goal-line touches and scored a touchdown​ late⁣ in the ⁢third quarter. Despite‌ the addition ⁤of Leonard ⁤Fournette to​ the practice squad, Cook remains a ⁤reliable option for the Bills,‍ although Fournette​ may see playing time once activated.

On the‍ Broncos’ ⁤side, wide receiver Marvin ⁢Mims Jr. finally ⁣saw an increased role in the offense. Mims, who had been making big plays⁤ early in the season,​ had struggled to receive significant playing time. However, in ⁢this game, Mims played over 50% of the‍ offensive snaps, a significant boost compared to‍ previous weeks.

Despite ⁣not recording any receptions, Mims’‌ increase in‍ playing time is a positive step in his progression. The Broncos ​rotated wide receivers more than usual, with Mims playing the majority of snaps out of 11 personnel for the first time all season.

In other news, the ‍Broncos ⁣made⁤ changes at the‌ tight end position, which could⁣ potentially benefit Greg Dulcich once he returns from injury. ​Adam⁣ Trautman and Chris Manhertz had ‍been sharing tight end duties, but Lucas Krull was called ‌up from the ⁤practice squad and became the ​primary tight end in 11 ‍personnel.⁢ This opens the door for Dulcich to take over once he is healthy.

In miscellaneous ​notes, Broncos running back Javonte Williams⁣ has seen an increased workload in recent weeks, setting career-high rushing attempts. Dalton Kincaid, the‍ Broncos’⁣ wide receiver, has been consistent in catching at least ‌five passes for at least 50 yards in his last four games.‌ Dawson Knox, the Bills’ ‌tight end, will remain on injured reserve for at ‌least one ​more ⁣game.

Overall, the game between the Bills and the Broncos showcased the resilience​ of⁤ James Cook, who overcame a benching to lead his team to victory. Additionally, Marvin Mims Jr.’s increased role⁣ and ‍the potential return of Greg Dulcich provide promising developments for the Broncos’ offense.

Buffalo Bills’ ‌James‍ Cook Benched but Redeems Himself in Game Against ​Denver Broncos

By​ Nathan Jahnke

Nov 14, 2023

James​ Cook was benched for three drives: Cook ⁤fumbled the game’s first offensive play and was benched for over a quarter. However, he redeemed himself by running‌ five straight times for 69 yards⁢ on the Bills’ final drive, which gave Buffalo their first ‍lead of the game.

Marvin Mims Jr. sees⁢ increased snaps but not targets: Mims finally has a significant role in ​the Broncos offense, but he has only caught two passes for 4 yards over ​his‌ last five games after an excellent first four games in limited opportunities.

Courtland‍ Sutton ​makes the catch ⁣of the year: Sutton made a perfect catch in the end zone that looked like a throw-away. He barely got‍ his toes in, but ⁢it⁢ helped Denver to an early two-score lead.

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Denver Broncos‍ @ Buffalo Bills

  • Courtland Sutton: 8 receptions, 53 yards, 1 touchdown
  • Dalton Kincaid: 5​ receptions, 51 yards,‍ 1 touchdown

James Cook is temporarily benched: ⁣Cook lost a ⁤fumble on⁤ the first play of the game, which led to a Broncos field goal. Latavius Murray took over ‍until ‌the⁣ middle of the second quarter.

  • Murray​ took 15 of the 16 offensive snaps over the following three ⁤drives, with​ third-string running back Ty⁣ Johnson taking the other ⁢snap. Murray ran four times for 37 yards and two⁢ first downs in Cook’s absence.
  • Cook⁢ reentered the game again in ‍the middle of the second quarter. Cook and Murray then ‌resumed their usual roles.
  • Cook took⁤ most of the snaps outside of ⁢short-yardage situations. ⁣As usual, ⁣the goal-line touches went⁢ to Murray, and he scored a touchdown late in the third quarter.
  • Cook should remain a ​relatively safe start, although‌ the Bills added Leonard Fournette to⁢ the practice squad two weeks ago. They haven’t activated⁣ him for a game yet, but he will likely get at least some playing time once he’s on the roster.

Marvin Mims Jr. ​finally ‌plays‌ an increased

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