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Josh Dobbs’ Turbulent NFL Journey: Traded, Released, and Now Misled by Cardinals Coach

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Josh Dobbs Traded to Minnesota ‍Vikings ⁢After Alleged Misleading by Cardinals Coach

Josh Dobbs, a veteran quarterback in the NFL, is no stranger to adjusting to new teams. Throughout his career, he has been traded ‍or released multiple times. Most recently, Dobbs was ⁢traded​ to the Arizona ‍Cardinals ‍in August, where he took on ⁢the starting quarterback ‍duties for eight games while Kyler Murray ⁢recovered ⁤from​ an ACL injury.

Despite​ the⁣ Cardinals’ ​1-7 start with Dobbs under center, the team remained competitive. However,⁣ the decision to send Dobbs‍ to ​the Minnesota Vikings came as a surprise. Dobbs recently suggested that​ Cardinals coach Jonathan Gannon misled him⁤ regarding his ​role on ⁤the team.

In an ⁤interview on the “Torchbearers” podcast, Dobbs revealed, “We’re in the locker room. (Gannon) gets ‌off his podium and ‍he says I’m⁤ starting⁢ for the ⁣Cardinals in Cleveland the next​ week… I go to the facility on Monday, and ⁢(Gannon) calls me to his office and says, ‘Hey, we’re gonna start Clayton Tune in⁤ Cleveland.’ This is leading up to (Kyler‍ Murray’s) return.”

Dobbs further explained that ‍Gannon had assured him⁤ he would remain in Arizona, but his agent later informed him⁤ otherwise.⁤ “I went home and called my ​agent, ⁣just talking to him ⁤about the situation,” Dobbs⁢ said. “Went to sleep, woke up Tuesday morning with ⁤a text from my agent saying, ‘Hey, you could be traded‌ today because it’s the trade deadline.’ When I had the​ meeting with J.G. in Arizona, he looked ‌at me ⁣in ​the face, and⁤ he said, ‘You’re not being traded.​ You’re not being released. You’re going to be here in Arizona.'”

It remains unclear whether Gannon intentionally misled Dobbs or if he ⁢was simply unaware of the trade developments at the time ⁣of their conversation.⁢ The trade to the Minnesota Vikings ‌likely came together quickly due to Kirk​ Cousins’ season-ending injury shortly before the trade deadline.

On October 30, the Cardinals announced that rookie quarterback‍ Clayton Tune would start, with Dobbs serving as ⁢the backup for a Week‍ 9‍ game against the Browns. However, just one day later, Dobbs, along with a 2024 seventh-round pick, was traded to the Vikings ‌in exchange for⁤ a 2024 sixth-rounder.

During last Sunday’s game ⁣against the Falcons, rookie Jaren Hall started for ‍the Vikings. However, Dobbs was thrust into action after Hall suffered an injury.

As Dobbs continues to adjust​ to his new ⁤team, the ‍Minnesota Vikings, his experience‍ with being traded ​and released multiple times throughout his career will undoubtedly⁣ serve him well. Only ‌time⁢ will tell how Dobbs will contribute to the Vikings’‌ quarterback lineup.

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