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Josh Dobbs: A Remarkable Journey to NFL Success Despite Teams’ Missed Opportunities

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Josh Dobbs Impresses Coach Sean Payton with Commanding Performance

Quarterback’s Remarkable Adaptability and Poise on Display

After facing off against Josh Dobbs on Sunday night, renowned coach Sean Payton couldn’t help but express his astonishment at Dobbs’ ability to lead an offense he has only been a part of for three weeks.

Despite Payton’s Broncos emerging victorious against Dobbs’ Vikings, the coach admitted to being amazed by Dobbs’ seamless integration into a new system and his ability to quickly establish chemistry with his teammates.

“Considering the challenges he has faced this season, starting with Cleveland, then Arizona, and now here,” Payton remarked, “the quarterback position demands a great deal, and witnessing the composure with which Dobbs plays is truly remarkable. I have never seen anything quite like it.”

Payton revealed that during the 2017 NFL draft, when he was coaching the Saints, he had the opportunity to spend time with both Dobbs and his Tennessee teammate, Alvin Kamara. While the Saints selected Kamara in the third round, the Steelers chose Dobbs in the fourth. Payton admitted to being impressed by Dobbs’ growth since their initial meeting.

It is worth noting that all 32 teams overlooked Dobbs. Over the past year, he has gone unclaimed on waivers, remained a free agent, and received no offers better than the one-year, $2 million deal he signed with the Browns. Furthermore, he has been traded twice for minimal returns. Dobbs’ exceptional performance on the field highlights the failure of NFL teams to recognize his true value. This serves as a reminder that even with extensive evaluations, talented players can slip through the cracks, as Dobbs undoubtedly has.

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