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Injury Update: Browns’ T Jedrick Wills Jr. and CB Cameron Mitchell Placed on Injured Reserve

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The Browns⁤ Place Jedrick⁣ Wills Jr. and Cameron Mitchell on Injured Reserve

Key ‌Players Sidelined with Injuries

The Cleveland Browns made an unfortunate announcement on Tuesday, revealing that T ⁢Jedrick Wills Jr. and CB Cameron Mitchell have been placed ‌on injured reserve. ⁣This news comes as a blow to the team, as both players have ⁣been valuable assets on the field.

Wills’ Injury Not Season-Ending

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski provided an update on Monday⁢ regarding Wills’ condition.​ He confirmed ‌that the ‍talented tackle suffered an MCL injury during Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. However, Stefanski reassured fans that the‌ injury is not season-ending.

Stefanski expressed ⁣his disappointment for‌ Wills,⁣ acknowledging his strong performances throughout ‌the​ season. “Jed’s played some really strong games for us,” ⁣Stefanski ‍stated. “I thought he ⁢was playing well in that last one yesterday as well. So, disappointed for him, but I know he’ll work really hard and we’ll get him back out there.”

Wills’ Impact on ⁢the Browns

Jedrick Wills Jr. ⁣has been a crucial component ⁢of⁣ the Browns’ offensive ‌line, ⁢starting in all eight games at left tackle. ‌His presence has greatly contributed ⁢to the team’s success, with⁣ the Browns currently ranking third in ⁢the league for rushing yards per game, averaging an impressive ⁢144.4 yards. Since joining the⁣ Browns as a first-round pick ⁣in 2020, Wills has started ‌a total of ​53 games, showcasing his reliability and ⁢skill.

Mitchell’s ‌Consistent Performance

Cameron Mitchell,‍ a fifth-round⁣ pick in this year’s draft, has also⁢ been impacted by injury. Despite⁣ this setback, Mitchell has ⁢shown promise on⁣ the field, appearing in all eight games ⁢and​ even earning one start. His contributions have not⁣ gone unnoticed, and the Browns will undoubtedly ‌miss his presence in the upcoming games.

The Browns will‌ now have⁣ to rely on their depth⁤ and resilience ‌to overcome⁢ the​ absence of these key players. The team remains determined to continue their successful season and will work tirelessly to ensure the swift recovery and return of Wills ⁣and Mitchell.

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