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How Charissa Thompson’s NFL Friends Helped Her Find Love: A Heartwarming Story

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The NFL Broadcaster Credits Matthew and Kelly Stafford for Helping Her Find Love

Charissa Thompson Finds Love with the Help of Close Friends

Charissa Thompson, the popular NFL broadcaster, has revealed that her close friends, Matthew and Kelly Stafford, played a significant role in introducing her to her new boyfriend. Thompson shared this heartwarming news during an episode of her podcast, Calm Down, where she was joined by fellow NFL reporter Erin Andrews.

Thompson, 41, expressed her gratitude towards the Staffords, stating, “Matthew and Kelly were tired of me dating losers, so they decided to play matchmakers and find a great guy for me.” She jokingly added, “They vetted him thoroughly, and now I know his social security number and bank account details, so everything is right in place.”

A Match Made in Heaven

Thompson’s new beau is marketing executive Steven Cundari, who has not only won her heart but also received the endorsement of her podcast co-host, Erin Andrews. Andrews, 45, affectionately refers to Cundari as Thompson’s husband, expressing her belief in their future together.

It’s worth noting that Thompson was previously married to sports agent Kyle Thousand, but they divorced last year. However, Thompson and Andrews have a reputation for playing matchmakers themselves, as they recently advocated for a potential romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on their podcast.

Travis Kelce Gives Credit to Thompson and Andrews

Interestingly, the podcast hosts’ matchmaking skills seem to have paid off, as tight end Travis Kelce and popstar Taylor Swift are now dating. Kelce publicly acknowledged Thompson and Andrews for their role in his newfound love, stating, “I owe you big time!”

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