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How Andrew Bailey’s Leadership and Expertise Will Transform the Red Sox Pitching Staff

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In this excerpt, former MLB pitcher and current pitching coach for the San Francisco Giants, Kyle Bannister, speaks highly of Andrew Bailey, who has been hired as the pitching coach for the Boston Red Sox. Bannister describes Bailey as a genuine and playful person who knows how to leverage the strengths of others. He praises Bailey’s ability to make people feel empowered and valued, as well as his skills in delegation and leadership. Bannister also mentions that Bailey’s experience and evolution as a player and coach will serve him well in his new role with the Red Sox. Bannister believes that Bailey’s friendship with Red Sox executive Craig Breslow will create a great synergy within the team. He also mentions that Bailey’s coaching style is not limited to power pitchers and that he can handle a wide variety of pitching styles, which will make the Red Sox pitching staff more diverse and better equipped to handle the challenges of the AL East division. Overall, Bannister believes that Bailey’s hiring is a great move for the Red Sox and that he will bring a lot of knowledge and creativity to the team.Brian Bannister Praises Andrew Bailey as a Perfect Fit for the Red Sox

In an exclusive interview on the ‘Baseball Isn’t Boring’ podcast, Brian Bannister, the current senior pitching advisor for the White Sox, shared his insights on why Andrew Bailey will be an excellent addition to the Boston Red Sox as their new pitching coach.

Bannister, who worked closely with Bailey during their time together with the San Francisco Giants, described Bailey as “one of my favorite people in baseball” and praised his leadership qualities. According to Bannister, Bailey knows how to leverage the strengths of others, whether it’s the medical departments, strength and conditioning departments, analysts, or roster management. He has a knack for making everyone feel empowered and valued, making him a great delegator and a high EQ (emotional intelligence) guy.

“When he came to San Francisco, he had only been the video guy and the bullpen coach for the Angels. I got paired with him. Craig Breslow, of all people, had actually recommended him to the San Francisco Giants for the pitching coach role. I’m so glad he was the one hired. It was great to be in the trenches with him for four years,” Bannister shared.

Bannister also highlighted Bailey’s ability to unite different departments and handle various pitching styles. He believes Bailey’s experience and evolution as a

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