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Golden State Warriors’ Threes Defense Struggles at Chase Center: Opponents Shooting at High Rate

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Opponents’ Three-Point Shooting Haunts the Golden State Warriors at Chase Center

A Small Sample Size Reveals a Troubling Trend

In the six games played at Chase Center this season, the Golden State Warriors have struggled to defend against opponents’ three-point shooting. With a shooting percentage of 42.7% on threes, opponents have found success from beyond the arc against the Warriors. However, it is important to note that this statistic is heavily influenced by one extreme outlier – the recent game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. In that game, the Thunder shot an astonishing 59.4% on threes, skewing the overall numbers.

Warriors Rank Low in Opponent Three-Point Accuracy

If we exclude the Thunder game, the Warriors’ opponents still maintain a shooting percentage of 39.9% on threes at Chase Center. This places the Warriors at a disappointing 27th in terms of opponent three-point accuracy, even with garbage time eliminated. These numbers suggest that the Warriors have been unlucky in their opponents’ shooting performance, with even questionable outside shooters finding success against them.

The Challenge of Leaving Players Open

The Warriors’ defensive strategy has often involved leaving certain players open, banking on their questionable shooting abilities. However, this approach has backfired, as even those intended to be left open have been making their shots. It seems that the Warriors have been on the wrong side of luck, with opponents consistently capitalizing on their open looks.

The Case of Josh Giddey

One example of this shooting luck is Josh Giddey, who had been struggling with his three-point shooting prior to the game against the Warriors. Giddey, known for his shaky jump shot, had been shooting a dismal 19% from beyond the arc this season. However, when given open looks, he managed to make all three of his three-point attempts against the Warriors. This highlights the boost in shooting confidence that even the shakiest of jumpers can gain when left wide open.

Defensive Challenges Against the Thunder

The Thunder present a unique challenge for the Warriors’ defense. With their league-leading number of drives per game, the Thunder constantly put pressure on the rim and generate efficient shots from various areas of the floor. To counter this, the Warriors often send help defenders to the middle to slow down penetration and force the ball out of the ball handler’s hands.

Defensive Miscommunications and Mistakes

However, the Warriors have struggled with defensive miscommunications and mistakes, leading to open shots for their opponents. In some instances, players have failed to switch on screens, leaving shooters open for uncontested threes. These lapses in defensive execution are inexcusable, especially considering the absence of key players like Draymond Green and Steph Curry.

The Importance of Correcting Defensive Flaws

With upcoming games against the Thunder, the Warriors must address their defensive weaknesses and make necessary adjustments. Analyzing game footage and fixing defensive holes will be crucial for the Warriors to avoid falling deeper into their current slump. As they navigate through this challenging period without key players, the Warriors must strive for defensive excellence to stay competitive in the league.

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